Corbin release two-up touring seat for Indian’s Challenger

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Yes, another one! I had to look twice.

Corbin has remodelled their Dual Touring Saddle to suit the more angular lines of the Challenger while retaining all of the long distance comfort elements that it is known for, and all the material options to make yours as distinctive as the bike you’re bolting it onto. This one has their Grey Bomber Jacket panels, Matte Black sides, Natural Grain trim, Chrome welt and black stitching.

And it has got a thermostatically controlled heater option, if you’re the sort of rider who enjoys high altitudes and latitudes, or just early mornings and late nights.

Rider and passenger backrest options are available too, with and without storage, to complete the picture.

#ICRDT: Corbin Dual Touring Saddle for Indian Challenger $708

#ICRDTE: as above with heater option $863

#02SB: Ovalbac Standard backrest (each) $283

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