BattBoy 65

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Modern Gel and Li-Ion batteries might be more efficient compared to the old lead acid batteries – okay, so they are more efficient, and leak-proof and smaller and lighter – but they are hardly pretty, and when your battery is out in the wind beneath your butt cheek, that matters.

Hence the Bates Batboy 65. It’s a classic battery-shaped box made out of ABS that holds a smaller, lighter and more efficient battery: just hook it up to the terminals inside the lid and you’ve got an old battery. And it’s the right size and shape to replace the monster that weighs down the timing side of a 1965-on FL and a 1967-’78 electric start Sportster.

That means 202x167x129mm externally, which translates as 190x145x115mm inside.

Bates Battboy 65
W&W 11650 €95.00

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