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100: February/March 2020

NEWS: Harley announce the 131-inch Screamin’ Eagle motor // 2020 Flat Track new

ROADTESTS: 2020 Harley-Davidson FXLRS 114-inch Low Rider S // 2020 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike’s Gran Turismo

CLASSIC: Electric Meter Maid: the last of the Servicars

TECH: 2-Litre Milwaukee Eight part 2

100 ISSUE ANNIVERSARY: Five favourite customs, five favourite classics, five most influential new models, five most missed models, five game-changing technologies, GBBBO revisited, three favourite roadtrips

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2020 additions and removals, and a quick preview of the new Pan America

LAST WORD: Second-guessing the next 10 issues

99: December 2019 / January 2020

NEWS: Indian Challenger // Indian FTR1200 Rally // Harley-Davidson Future // King of Custom 2019

REVIEWS: Mustang Touring Solo for Milwaukee Eight Softails

ROADTESTS: 2019 Harley-Davidson XL1200N 1200 Iron

CUSTOMS: 50th HA Anniversary Panhead // Beach Tracker // Rhön Racer // Brat-Style Sportster

CLASSICS: 1984 FXE/F Super Glide Fat Bob // Worn and Torn Model U // Tsunami Glide reprise

TECH: 2-Litre Milwaukee Eight part 1 // Easily LED II // Previewing Indian’s Challenger

EVENTS: Motorcycle Live 2019 // Faaker See Ride-In Show // Krazy Horse Open New Stables in Oxfordshire // Shield Maidenz Party-On

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2020 additions and removals, and a quick glance at the Livewire.

LAST WORD: Modern Scout with a classic twist.

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98: October/November 2019

NEWS: Indian 2020 // Harley-Davidson 2020 // RIP Peter Fonda

REVIEWS: Sena Prism Tube WiFi // Bridgestone Battlax Tyres  REVISITED: Harley Switchback Jacket // Shorai Lithium Batteries

ROADTESTS: 2019 Harley-Davidson FXFBS 114-inch Fat Bob S // Revisiting the FTR1200 (already??)

CUSTOMS: Greenback Shovel // Thunderbike Chicano Heritage Classic // Julian’s Stretched FLH

TECH: Stealth Power on the Quiet II: Boz fits S&S’ Milwaukee Eight camchest upgrade and cam.

EVENTS: Vintage and Sportster // V-Twin Victory Weekender // 81 Liverpool Ride-In Show

ROADTRIP: Running to Flanders Chopper Bash and back via Eindhoven’s Matchlight Motorcycle Show

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2020 additions and removals, and a cameo on the new Low Rider S Softail

LAST WORD: When Concepts Attack

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97: August/September 2019

NEWS: Noise Cameras // Lego FLFB Fat Boy // IMRG to celebrate 100 year of the Scout // The End cancer appeal // S&S FTR Hooligans

REVIEWS: Sena Savage Smart Helmet REVISITED: Strong-Arm Lift

ROADTESTS: 2019 Indian FTR1200 // 2019 Harley-Davidson FLHC-S 114-inch Heritage Classic

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike Panhead // Snob’s Dark Knight

TECH: Stealth Power on the Quiet: Boz fits S&S’ 50-State legal Superstreet to a 107-inch Sport Glide with impressive results.

HERITAGE: 1956 KHK survivor

EVENTS: Wallace // Alba Open Weekend // Rock n Bike Fest // Blues Bikefest // Riders’ Club International and 70th Anniversary at Kelso // Black Deer Festival // V-Twin Summer Party // Limeyfest // Independence Day (night) at Krazy Horse

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2019 Breakout Cameo

LAST WORD: Buell Remembered Thrills

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96: June/July 2019

NEWS: Battle of the Kings UK Finalists // Indian Finance // American-V Independence Day // Black Deer Festival // Livewire Pre-Orders // World of Stupid III: your 40 year old import might not be MOT exempt

REVIEWS: Icon Truant Boots REVISITED: H-D Cool Black T-shirt // Indian Benjamin Jacket

ROADTESTS: 2019 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special

CUSTOMS: Rick’s Fat Ass Slim // Gaz’s Fat Train // Thunderbike’s Black Apple

TECH: Boz takes a 107-inch Milwaukee Eight out to 117!

HERITAGE: 1958 Duo // 25 years of the Road King // Harley-Davidson Used Approved

EVENTS: Sportster Sickness’ Big One / 4 // The Drovers’ Rally

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2019 Low Rider Cameo

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95: April/May 2019

NEWS: FLHT Returns // RIP Arlen Ness // Indian FTR takes Daytona with new team rider // Icon 1000 Jacket Comp winner // Electric Coulomb

ROADTESTS: 2019 Harley-Davidson 114 Road King Special // 2018 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

CUSTOMS: Vincent Pels’ Softail Fat Bob // On Any Sunday: Blackie’s Shovel, Gaz’s Shovel, Scott’s Shovel, Guy’s Shovel and Malc’s Dyna // Louis’ Chief Sprinter

TECH: Boz slots a choice of cams into the Milwaukee Eight 107-inch Sport Glide!

PROFILE: RSD apparel.

TOURING: Magical History Tour in Germany’s Middle Rhine Gorge


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94: February/March 2019

NEWS: Harley-Davidson go electric // Indian back the Dirt Track // Battle of the Kings 2019

ROADTESTS: 2019 Indian Chieftain Limited // 2018 Harley-Davidson FXDR // Krazy Horse Street Hooligan

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike FXDRR // Ten Years and Forty Bikes of CCE Bolt-On-And-Ride

TECH: Boz is back and has got his hands on a Milwaukee Eight 107-inch Sport Glide!

EVENTS: Motorcycle live

TOURING: Classic Cannonball Run on a 1915 Model F // The return from Biarritz

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93: December 2018 / January 2019

NEWS: Indian launch the FTR1200 // Arch launches in the UK // Harley-Davidson unveils new FXRG Clothing Line // Indian reveals accessory line-up for FTR1200

ROADTEST: 2019 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special // 2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

CUSTOMS: Chris Hatton’s Shovel // Thunderbike/CCE Bolt-On-And-Ride Street Bob // Dave’s Dyna – from the archives

CLASSICS: ’80s FLs: Tour and Electra Glides 35 years on

EVENTS: Intermot // Limeyfest // Six Town Chopper Show // Dirtquake // Burning Budgie // Art Wheels Basel

TOURING: Switzerland or Bust: the run to Art Wheels Basel

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92: October 2018

LAUNCH: 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR

ROADTEST: 2018 FLFBS 114-inch Fat Boy // Indian Scout Bobber

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike Flying Slim

EVENTS: Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary in Prague // Wheels&Waves // Bike Shed Show 2017

TOURING: Gros Garçon en France // Wild Hogs on tour // Catalogue Shopping

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91: May/September 2018

LAUNCH: 2018.5 Harley-Davidson XL1200 Iron and XL1200XS Forty-Eight Special

ROADTEST: 2018 Indian Springfield Dark Horse // 2018 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide

CUSTOMS: Ben Ott’s Ironhead // Dave Peever’s S1 Lightning // Steve Jones’ Dressed for dancin’ FLH Shovelhead

EVENTS: ExCeL, Sportster Sickness Big One III // MCN Festival

GENERAL: Sliding in Croatia // Harley-Davidson Future Shock

90: March/April 2018
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LAUNCH: 2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

ROADTEST: 2018 Street Bob on UK roads!

CUSTOMS: Blackie’s Merch // Thompson Flatster // Hard Nine’s Bolt-on-and-Ride Sportster // Fourteen (count ’em) Custom 2018 Softails by Thunderbike // Cat’s Junkyard Dog // Battle of the Kings 2018

EVENTS: Motorcycle live 2017 // Motorcycle Expo, Verona

GENERAL: An introduction to the new American-V ‘Social Hub’

89: January/February 2018
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LAUNCH: 2018 Indian Scout Bobber

LONG TERM: Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

CUSTOMS: Malc’s Big Dog Chopper // CCE Softail Slim // Chester Harley-Davidson Softail Slim // Ron’s Pan Shovel // Exile Fat Bloke

EVENTS: The Trip Out // Shipley // Manchester Rock & Bike Fest // Copdock // Brightona // Faaker See Ride-In Show // Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

88: November/December 2017
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LAUNCH: The biggest single upgrade in Harley’s history, and the most important: The plan // 2018 FXBRS Breakout 114 // 2018 FLHCS Heritage Classic 114 // 2018 FXFBS Breakout 114 // 2018 FXBB Street Bob 107

LONG TERM: Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

CUSTOMS: Alison’s Buell Roadster // Big Al’s Evo // Steve Creaser’s Cafe Racer

EVENTS: Bulldog Bash 2017 // HDRCGB Essex Poker Run // Dirtquake VI // Buster Lang // Em’s Day // Krazy Horse V-Twin Night

HERITAGE: Hogfather’s Tsunami survivor rebuild: Part 2

CHANGING TIMES: Where is motorcycling going? Will American motorcycles follow? Will we?

87: September/October 2017
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ROADTESTED: Indian Chieftain Limited // Harley-Davidson XL1200CX Roadster in H-D Cafe Racer P&A

CUSTOMS: Andy Bacon’s Evo Softail // Evo custom with Attitude // Blackie’s Swedish-style Shovelhead // Nick Botting’s Supercharged 4-Cam

EVENTS: Wheels and Waves 2017 // Sportster 60th // Unwanted MCC // All Indian Rally // Greedy Pigs Charity Bash // Northants V-Twin Buell Day at Jack’s Hill Cafe

HERITAGE: Hogfather’s Tsunami survivor rebuild: Part 1

SPORT: Preview of next issue’s DirtQuake report of sorts, using Maidstone Harley-Davidson’s race-winning XG750R

86: July/August 2017
Cover: AmV086
2017.5 Harley-Davidson XG750A Street Rod // Harley-Davidson FLHRS Road King Special // Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight vs Indian Scout vs Triumph Bonneville BobberCUSTOMS: Peter Strom’s MOON Sportster // Guy Martin’s Hogtech Chopper from Dirtquake 2016

EVENTS: Previewing the Sportster60th event // Twisted Turnout // Sportster Anniversary // MCN Festival of Motorcycling (well, the Hooligan racing) // Sportster Sickness’ Big One

TECH: Jeckill & Hyde Euro 4 electronically controlled exhausts

FUTURE: Setting the context for Fifty Bikes in Five years

85: May/June 2017
Cover: AmV001
COVER STORY: New 2017.5 Models: Harley-Davidson Road King S // Indian Chief Limited and Elite // Harley-Davidson Street Rod

ROADTESTED: 2017 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

CUSTOMS: Roland Sands Design Track Chief // Deuces Low // Battle of the Kings reprise

CLASSICS: 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster // 40 years of the Low Rider // Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed

EVENTS: London Motorcycle Show ExCeL!

TECH: Fat Tyred Scout

SPORT: American Flat Track: Harley-Davidson XG750R, Indian FTR750

DESTINATIONS: The Bike Shed, London

84: March/April 2017
Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: 2017 Indian Roadmaster

CUSTOMS: Battle of the Kings III 2017 // Trawler’s first 10 years

CLASSICS: 60 years of the Sportster // Gilroy Indian PowerPlus // RIP Victory

EVENTS: Motorcycle Live!

TECH: Messing about with LED // Saving a terminally abused engine

REVIEWED: Revisiting FXRG Boots, Harley-Davidson Brew jacket, Halvarssons Discovery jacket, Rokker Revolution jeans

83: January/February 2017
Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: 2017 Harley-Davidson M8 Ultra Limited

CUSTOMS: Krazy Horse Chief Classic // Second City FXR // Attitude Chopper // Operation Octane // Ray Halford’s Jester // Nick Bland’s X1 Lightning

CLASSICS: Black and Gold Bobber

EVENTS: HDRCGB at Mersea Island // Shovel Fest // Daytona 2016 // Brightona 2016

TECH: Bridgestone H50 Launch

REVIEWED: Air Force Sidekick, Winner Shampoo Degreaser, Wheel Woolies, Detailing Brush.

82: November/December 2016
Cover: AmV001 LAUNCHED: Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson Freewheeler // Harley-Davidson Street Bob Special // Harley-Davidson Roadster

CUSTOMS: The Peever brothers: Mötley Crëwe II // Will Webb’s Ironhead Sportsters

CLASSICS: 4-Speed FL with an Identity Crisis

EVENTS: HDRCGB’s International // The Trip Out 2016 // CCE at European Bike Week // Leesburg Bike Fest

TECH: Importing a bike from the US // Hogfather’s Virtual Bike Builder

REVIEWED: Rolo Travel Bag, Harley-Davidson Performance Long Sleeve Tee with Coldblack technology, Revisiting Anderson Optics’ Bi-Focal Riding Glasses;

81: September/October 2016
Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson Street XG750 // Indian Springfield // Polaris Slingshot

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike’s Outerlimit // SpAnna’s Sick Bitch // Digger & Rizz’s Shovels

CLASSICS: 1942: Indian 442 and Harley-Davidson WLA

EVENTS: HDRCGB’s Vintage & Sportster // Region 29 at the Tiddly // No Bull Rally // Dirtquake V // Victory and Indian Day at the Ace Cafe

TECH: RAI Parts Belt Optimiser // Retro-fitting an electric leg

REVIEWED: Deemeed Discovery, Ventz, ‘Harley-Davidson: The Complete History’ and ‘Indian, America’s First Motorcycle Company’

80: July/August 2016
Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson 2016.5 // Launch: XL1200CX Roadster, FXDLS Low Rider S // Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King // Victory Octane quickspin

CUSTOMS: Tony Bloke’s Vegas outfit // George’s Harleycane // Andrew Dyke’s Raptor // Shane’s Slammed Breakout // LDK’s Envy // Custom Chrome Europe’s ‘Ride Unequalled’ promotion

EVENTS: Sportster Sickness // Bike Shed 2016 // Twisted Turnout at This Is Your Garage

REVIEWED: ‘Greatest One-Percenter Myths, Mysteries and Rumours Revealed’, Draggin’ Selvedge Jeans, Shorai LiFe Battery

79: May/June 2016
Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Indian Scout Sixty launch

CUSTOMS: Exile Cycle’s ToughTen // Carter Harris’ Ironhead // CCE’s Ralligator // BoTT Power’s Cafe Racer // Jimmy Talbot’s Shovel // Max Ness’ Cross Vision

SPECIALS: The Wall’s Fastest Indian // Crash Test Dummy.

EVENTS: London Motorcycle Show at ExCeL

TECH: Vapour Blasting

REVIEWED: Halvarsson Rider Pants, Hot Leathers Men’s Vest, ‘Harley-Davidson CVO Motorcycles’

78: March/April 2016
Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Avinton Collectors GT

CUSTOMS: V-Twins Bobber // Geoff Long’s militarised Sportster // CVO Road Glide outfit // Marshall and Carter Harris’ customs // Old Empire Motorcycles’ Gladiator

SPECIALS: Indian Scout at Super Hooligan

CLASSICS: Jimmy Talbot’s Kicker Glide

EVENTS: Motorcycle Live // The Happening // Verona’s Bike Expo // Kickback Chelsea

ROADTRIP: Island Hopping 2: Roadmaster on the Isle of Man

REVIEWED: Lindstrands Woolly, ‘Dilligaf’ by Iain Parke and ‘Penguin in a Sparrows Nest’ by Frank Melling

77: January/February 2016

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Indian Scout // Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout // Victory Vegas 8-Ball

CUSTOMS: Phil Campbell’s Motorhead Trike, // Thunderbike’s Breakout // Indian Scout Hillclimber

CLASSICS: Harley-Davidson’s Grey Ghosts

RUNNING: Frank Westworth on his Harley-Davidson 883 Iron

EVENTS: The Trip Out // Essex Poker Run // Shipley

TECH: Hydrographics

76: November/December 2015

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson 2016 Launch: Street XG750, XL883N Iron, XL1200X Forty Eight // Harley-Davidson Road Glide // Head-to-Head: Harley-Davidson Fat Bob vs Victory Gunner

CUSTOMS: Bolt-on-and-Ride Fat Bob // Gareth Jones’ Pan without a Plan.

CLASSICS: Richard’s Side-Valve sidecar outfit

ROADTRIP: W&W Take on Cuba

EVENTS: Wake the Lakes // HDRCGB Lakes // Bulldog Bash // Indian Rider Club International // Americana 2015 // FTH’s Hook-Up

SPECIALS: New Model News from Harley-Davidson, Indian and Victory

75: September/October 2015

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Indian Dark Horse, Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special

CUSTOMS: Simon Harris’ Outfit with Attitude // Peter Smith’s XXL Road King // Jimmy Talbot’s FLA Bobber

CLASSICS: Liam Diamond’s 101 Scout, Ron’s BSA-framed 741B

ROADTRIP: Boz takes the Victory Cross Country route to Greece

EVENTS: WLHR bring the Super Rally to Lincoln // HDRCGB Region 29 // Bike Shed London // Open days at Thunder Road and Moore Speed Racing

REVIEWED: Saddlemen Luggage, Victory Kingston jacket, Ikon Shocks, PowerBank

74: July/August 2015

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Roadtest Revisted: Buell Ulysses.

CUSTOMS: Dr Mechanik’s High Speed Road King // Sibling rivalry: Jim Cuddihy’s ’53 Roadmaster and Pat Cuddihy’s ’53 Hydra Glide // Krazy Horse Storz Sportsters

CLASSICS: Spider’s too-cool-to-cut 1974 74-inch Super Glide Survivor

SPECIAL: Project Livewire: Harley’s electric concept

ROADTRIP: Island Hopping 1: Hurtling round the Emerald Isle on an Indian Roadmaster, and teasing Part 2 with a countdown to the 1911 TT

EVENTS: UKBEG at Donington // Kickback at Stoneleigh Park // Sheik rattle and roll at the Emerites custom show

TECH: Recamming Victory’s Freedom 106 motor

REVIEWED: Sony QX10 Cybershot

73: May/June 2015

Cover: AmV073 ROADTESTED: Indian Scout quickspin // Victory Cross Country Magnum // Indian Chief Roadmaster

CUSTOMS: Harley UK’s King of Custom: 29 Forty-Eights reinterpreted // Rick’s Forty-Eight Cafe Racer // George’s 1440 Sportster Sport // Guy Martin’s Dirtquake Sportster

BLUFFERS’ GUIDE: Harley-Davidson Touring Family

EVENTS: ExCeL 2015 // Looking back at UK Super Rallies

TECH: The evolution of Boz’s Cross Country // Slamming a Shovelhead Low Rider with Ikons

REVIEWED: Fostex Longhorn gloves, Smartpartz Hard Kore baffles, Indian’s Benjamin jacket


72: March/April 2015

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson FLTRX Road Glide

CUSTOMS: Krazy Horse Kafe Racer III //XL Flashbacks: Norvin, Flying Merkel and Cal Rayborne Replica // Sheena’s Taylormade trike

CLASSICS: Harley-Davidson’s Shovelhead FLT // ’78 FLH Electra Glide // History of British Harley magazines


EVENTS: Indian Launch // Motorcycle Live // Monday MoCo open day // Sycamore’s Summer of Custom final

REVIEWED: Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

71: January/February 2015

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson Road King Classic // Quickspin on Thunder City’s .357″ Magnum

CUSTOMS: Softail Deuce with the Bolt on and Ride treatment // Kev’s former-FLT chopper // Twin City Motorcycles’ Beetlejuice // Danny’s not-a-bobber by Attitude // Cat’s Ultra Road King

BLUFFERS’ GUIDE: Harley-Davidson Softails

EVENTS: The Trip Out // Intermot // Essex Poker Run // Brightona

TECH: Keeping the noise down with Dr Jeckill & Mr Hyde

REVIEWED: Anderson Optics bi-focal riding glasses, ‘Lord of the Isles’ by Iain Parke, Sena S20 Duo headset / intercom

70: November/December 2014

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic // Head-to-Head: Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic vs Indian Chief

CUSTOMS: Shaw Speed and Custom Crosser // Simon’s old school Softail // Vintique XR1200CR Cafe Racer // Twin City Motorcycles’ Fat Boy Extra Special

CLASSICS: Adrian’s Fortified Flathead chop

ROADTRIP: A thousand miles of Anglo-Scottish roads

EVENTS: Thunder in the Glens // WLHR Burning Budgie // Fenlanders East of England Rally // Bulldog Bash //
Americana 2014

REVIEWED: Halvarssons Dede waterproof leather jeans, Harley-Davidson FXRG performance riding jeans, Global Vision’s Ultra24 riding glasses

69: August/September 2014

Cover: AmV001 ROADTESTED: 2014 Harley-Davidson CVO Breakout // 2014 Victory Jackpot

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike custom // Shaw’s XRTT // Cat’s first Harley,

CLASSICS: Harley-Davidson XA750: American Boxer.

ROADTRIP: Heading to European HOG Rally in Croatia.

EVENTS: Warr’s 90th Anniversary // Vintage & Sportster // Roundshead Revenge // The Lakes // Croatia Harley Days // Riders’ Club celebrate their 50th

TECH: Follow-up from three way bagger test: Staging // Why Waterproofs Aren’t

REVIEWED: Revisited.

68: June/July 2014
Cover: AmV068 ROADTESTED: 2014.5 FXLR Low Rider // Three-way head-to-head baggers: Street Glide, Cross Country and Chieftain // TTS Performance Supercharged Dyna

CUSTOMS: Cameron’s Pandian and Scout // LDK Bat Rod

CLASSICS: 1977 Low Rider

EVENTS: Ayr Bike Fest // Harleyworld Birthday Bash // Ironheads at the Super Sausage // Bike4Life



67: April/May 2014
Cover: AmV067 ROADTESTED: Victory Judge // Kansas Motor Works

CUSTOMS: The Rogue // Shovel Bob No7 // Matt Hamblin’s Sportster // SDT Softail Classic

CLASSICS: 1939 Servicar,

EVENTS: London Motorcycle Show at ExCeL // Leeds Custom and Classic // Verona Motor Expo,


66: February/March 2014
Cover: AmV066 ROADTESTED: 2014 XL1200X Forty-Eight

CUSTOMS: The Captain! // Ace/Stonebridge 1200CR // Salt Racer Swedish Style // LDK 883R // Jamie’s Sick Boy // Dr Mechanik’s Twin Cam Beach Cruiser.

EVENTS: Essex Poker Run // Motorcycle Live

TECH: A2 Motorcycle License // Rushmore

Bluffers’ Guide: Sportster

65: December 2013/January 2014
Cover: AmV065 ROADTESTED: Rushmore Street Glide // Ilmor-engined 152-inch Viper // P&A Street Glide

CUSTOMS: CCE Custom Crosser // Steve Piper’s XL Cafe Racer

CLASSICS: Ireland’s Fastest Indian

EVENTS: ‘t Centrum 2013 // Krazy Horse Indian Launch // Linkerts Attacks // Sturgis 2013

TECH: A1 Motorcycle License,

REVIEWED: Action Cameras

64: October/November 2013
Cover: AmV064
  • Reviews: Harley-Davidson Luminator jacket, Harley-Davidson Black Oak mesh gloves, Sealskinz socks, Oily Rag T-shirts.
  • Learning the hard way: New learner laws!
  • Burning Budgie 2013.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Americana.
  • Anniversary Waltz.
  • Born again Bagger.
  • Project RUSHMORE.
  • Victory MY2014.
  • Hotrod Hayrid.
  • Woody’s Shovel Chop.
  • TECH: What has the Dyno ever done for us.
  • Softail Slimmer of the Year.
  • The Perfect Panhead.
  • Petition to reinstate the FXS Low Rider
  • … and the last word.


  • The Range:
  • Who the hell are Polaris?
  • The Roadtrip:
63: August/September 2013
Cover: AmV063
  • Reviews: Jofama Frej Leather Pants, Lindstrands Mech Pants, TCX GTX Boots, The Best Bar in America movie
  • Swedish Sportster.
  • Talgarth 2013.
  • Parts Bin Retro Sportster.
  • Vintage & Sportster.
  • Swapmeet Sportster.
  • The Custom Motorcycle Show: Beaulieu.
  • Jon’s Slammed XL.
  • Northants V-Twin Custom Show.
  • Andy Male’s ’41 Knuckle.
  • Pendine LRC 2013.
  • Tim’s 101 Indian Scout.
  • Reinstate the Low Rider
  • Beaky’s Boot Sale.
  • Buried Treasure.
  • HDRCGB at the River Dart.
  • ROADTEST: Victory Boardwalk
  • Big Bike Europe.
  • … and the last word: History isn’t always in sepia!
62: June/July 2013
Cover: AmV062
  • Reviews: Halversson BC Jackpot Leather Jacket, Dinitrol Coverust, Leather Genie Balsam
  • Tech: The new Indian Thunderstroke 111.
  • Custom Chrome Europe Expo.
  • The Red Baron.
  • Scott’s Patina Panhead.
  • Manchester Show.
  • Mid Season launch …
    • 2013.5 FXDBA Street Bob Special Editio.
    • 2013.5 FXSB Softail Breakout.
  • Orsa Speed Weekend.
  • Morgan 3 Wheeler.
  • Ayr Rock.
  • Munro 111 Special.
  • Tech.
  • Springer Shovel.
  • Evolution: A couple more readers explain how they got here.
  • Long Term Hard Ball.
  • … and the last word.
61: April/May 2013
Cover: AmV061
  • Reviews: Air Hawk2 Comfort Seating System, Book: France in America, Valk Motive Wolo horns
  • Roadtest: Victory Hard Ball.
  • Carole Nash / MCN London Show.
  • American Espresso.
  • Demobbed Warhorses.
  • Rookie Build-Off.
  • First Year Panhead.
  • Crazy Krazy Nights.
  • V-Twin 4-Cam Bobbers.
  • Deuxième Chance.
  • Three wheels better?
  • TECH: 113-inch Conversion.
  • Shaw celebrates 10 years.
  • Going the pretty way.
  • Free Spirits Sportster.
  • … and the last word.
60: February/March 2013
Cover: AmV060
  • Reviews: Crampbuster 2 Cruise Assist. Heavy Duty Trouble – the last book in Iain Parke’s trilogy.
  • American-4.
  • Big Twin Show, Rosmalen.
  • Phantom of the Ace.
  • Performance FXR.
  • Mersea Island Bobber.
  • Rowan’s Knuck.
  • High riding, hard mileage Softail..
  • SHD Autojumble.
  • Long Haul Customs.
  • The NEC Classic Motor Show.
  • Crouching Chief, Flying Tiger.
  • Tech: Opening up the cases.
  • Carole Nash Motorcycle Live.
  • Evolution.
  • Long Term Hammer.
  • Project Vegas Stripper.
  • … and The Last Word.
59: December 2012/January 2013
Cover: AmV059
  • Reviews: Ventura Luggage System, Harley-Davidson Illumination Rain Suit; Lindstrands Yago jeans; Crampbuster Cruise Assist. Books: The Harley in the Barn, Touching the World.
  • Carlsbad Bob
  • Brightona
  • Bosh’s 4-Cam
  • WRTT Harley’s Early Flathead racer
  • 21st Century Pan
  • Karl’s Shovel
  • Stafford Classic Bike Show.
  • Mark’s SoCal Softail
  • Geezer and Shirl’s 1940 Chief
  • Jack’s Hill Cafe Swap Meet
  • Buell Bobfighter.
  • Tech: Boring and Honing part 2
  • Long Term Hammer
  • Unfinished Symphony: cheap route to a bobber.
  • and The Last Word: Harley-Davidson’s 1948 Catalogue
58: November 2012
Cover: AmV058
  • Reviews: Sena SHM-5 Blutooth Headset; SOA season 4 DVD.
  • Harley 2013: quick press launch.
  • Head to head to head: Power Trip 3 as we ride three stages of Rocker Cs
  • Zippy’s Ironhead
  • The Trip Out
  • Build or Bust Bulldozer
  • Good Vibrations Rocker C Custom
  • Riders Club International Rally at Mersea Island
  • Billy Lane Model F-Bobber?
  • Quickspin by proxy: Kiwi Indian 39 Chieftain
  • European Bike Week
  • Tech: Boring and Honing … well measuring and prepping first
  • Flamin’ Softails!
  • Long Term Hammer (and sickle – best not to ask)
  • Staff Bikes: Shovel Kev’s 4-speed
  • and The Last Word
57: October 2012
Cover: AmV057
  • Reviews: HD Merle Boots; THH helmet; H-D Shink Sacks reprised.
  • Gallery: Stephen Donaghy
  • Roadtest: 2012 Dyna Switchback
  • Painttless: 2012 AMD Pro Custom Winner
  • Shipley 2012
  • Lucan’s Shovel
  • Quickspin: V-Twin Bobber
  • Bulldog Bash 2012
  • Buell Chop
  • Redskin Racer
  • SofER 2012
  • Tech: reinstating the Timken
  • Quickspin: Zero Type 9
  • Long Term Cross Roads
  • Hybrid Shovel
  • and the last word
56: September 2012
Cover: AmV056
  • Reviews: Franklin’s Indians; H-D Shrink Sacks; Wall of Death Album.
  • Head to head: Dynamics FXs Super Glide Sport versus Fat Bob
  • Coney Island Indian: original Wall of Death refugee
  • Hell Riders: hard-working 1920s Indians on Ken Fox’s wall
  • The Lakes Rally
  • Fast Flathead: KR racer
  • Thundercity Anniversary
  • Diamond Day
  • Quickspin: Victory Judge: the new Vic on the block
  • Second Chance Sportster
  • Quickspin: Kingpin Sport: the sporty Vic that never was
  • Shotgun Bobber
  • Americana
  • Tech: principles of Fuel Injection
  • Mort’s Shovel
  • V8 Mentalists
  • Project Road King: finished and appraised
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
55: August 2012
Cover: AmV055
  • Reviews: We Move Bikes’ shipping service; WD40 Specialist Sprays; Dutch Army Goretex overtrousers.
  • Harley Night at the Ace Cafe
  • Head to head: Harley’s Road King Classic meets Victory’s Cross Roads
  • Road King vs Road King: the new generation Classic in the context of Rich’s revamped original
  • XR1000: the first XR750 tribute
  • Riders’ Club in the Western Isles
  • AnarCCE in the UK
  • The Custom Motorcycle Show at Beaulieu
  • Rookie Build
  • The Wallace
  • The Big Brum Bash
  • Captain Hogfather
  • Cholmondley Pageant of Power
  • Tech: Getting the most of of an 883
  • Bob and Glo’s bobbers
  • Sammy Miller Museum
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
54: July 2012
Cover: AmV054
  • Reviews: Vulcanet Bike Wipes
  • Dirt Quake!
  • Roadtest: Forty-Niner – well, a P&A 48
  • Patrick Delli’s Supercharged KHK Bonneville veteran
  • “The best engine Harley-Davidson never made”: Pete’s Magnum
  • Rough Crafts-style XL
  • Riders’ Club’s Vintage and Sportster Rally
  • Crockers at Stafford Classic Bike Show
  • Quickspin: Victory Hard Ball
  • Euro-Festival: Port Grimaud rocks to the beat of a Harley
  • Shovellin’ up the Cote d’Azur
  • Pneumatic 4-Cam: Tony’s V-Rad V-Rod
  • 4-Cam racer: ’41 WR Flathead
  • 4-Cam tech: getting even more out of the XR motor
  • Iowa National Motorcycle Museum
  • Hastings May Day Run
  • Long Term Hammer
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
53: June 2012
Cover: AmV053
  • Reviews: Travel Channel Great Biking Roads: Riding the American Deserts.
  • Gallery: Paul Rees
  • Roadtest: 2012 CVO Street Glide
  • Saf’s 120-inch Merch
  • Martin Holgate’s Street & Strip Supercharged V-Rod
  • Shovel Kev’s XR grows a pair
  • SS&C Rockstar MXR1200
  • Confederate GT America and Hellcat Combat
  • Thundercity’s Green Meanie
  • Matt’s FXR: Matt’s Machine Shop apprentice-built S&S still running strong.
  • Tech: Making Harley’s TC103 Perform
  • From the Archive: Willie and the V-Rods
  • Talgarth 2012
  • Fat Attack’s Dyna-Mite
  • Long Term Hammer
  • Project Road King round up
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
52: May 2012
Cover: AmV052
  • Reviews: New FXRG Jacket; RAM mounts revisted; Travel Channel Great Biking Roads: Riding America’s Wild West
  • Gallery: Ian Matthew
  • Roadtest: 2012 Harley-Davidson FXS Softail Slim
  • Rocket Bobs’ Bank Robber
  • Sickboyz’ Jane
  • Rob’s FXWG Wide Glide
  • Yeti’s Seventy-Four 74 FLH
  • Sycamore Harley-Davidson’s Show
  • Pumi’s radical Hammer
  • 8-Ball Paul’s Eight Balls
  • Manchester Show
  • Tech: Harrison Billet
  • Verona Lowride Show
  • Tech: Harley Hybrid move forwards, at last!
  • Titan
  • Tech: DIY Spring Compressor
  • Long Term Cross Roads gets a screen
  • Project Road King
  • Ride of Respect
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
51: April 2012
Cover: AmV051
  • Reviews: Travel Channel Great Biking Roads, Heavy Duty Attitude (Heavy Duty People part 2), Harley-Davidson 3/4 helmet with sunshield, Harley-Davidson dual-source heated jacket liner
  • Gallery: Andrew MacDonald
  • Roadtest: 2012 Harley-Davidson Seventy-Two
  • Full Harley-Davidson Model Range Roundup
  • Chaos’ Hi-Jacked Night Train
  • Quickspin: Victory High Ball
  • Quicker Spin: Thundercity’s High-Ball
  • Full Victory Range Round-Up
  • ExCeL Show
  • Nick Gale’s Liberator
  • Tech: S&S Twin Cam Upgrades
  • Gavin’s XRB Supertracker
  • 2012 London International Custom and Classic Show: Ally Pally
  • Long Term 8-Ball Hammer
  • Getting your Kicks: travelling the Mother Road, part 2
  • Project Road King
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
50: February/March 2012
Cover: AmV050
  • Reviews: Victory men’s Stealth and women’s Bling Jackets; Harley’s new women’s dual-source electric gloves; Route 66 Lost and Found; Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.
  • Head to Head Victory Baggers: Cross Country Tour vs Cross Roads Tour
  • Dirty Old Bikes: Huggy Leaver’s classic pair
  • Panning for Gold
  • Chris’ Shovel
  • Getting your Kicks: travelling the Mother Road, part 1
  • Motorcycle Live
  • Creamcicle: the big-wheeled bagger coverbike
  • Tony’s Rocker
  • Girl on a motorcycle: a cruiser-riding Harley fan on a couple of Milwaukee saddles
  • Sunday Morning
  • The prototype production bike from the Black Douglas Motorcycle Co
  • Trike Design’s Brooklands Trike
  • Long Term Cross Roads
  • Long term 8-Ball Hammer
  • The Big Debate: rider’s rights
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
49: December 2011/January 2012
Cover: AmV049
  • Reviews: Guardian Bells, Asphalt Angels T-Shirt, Old Indians Never Die DVD, 2012 Calendar round-up, Tinker Tales novel
  • 2012 Victory Range
  • Roadtest: FLSTFB 2011 Fat Boy Special – before the 2012 changes
  • Warr’s Kamome Sprinter
  • NEW Long Termer 1: Victory 8-Ball Hammer
  • Kraus Motor Company Double Bill.
    • Achuma
    • Bolide
  • Sturgis 2011
  • HDRCGB International: Walesby 2011
  • Big Twin, Rosmalen 2011
  • Shipley 2011
  • NEW Long Termer 2: Victory Cross Roads
  • Barrie’s Shovel
  • Roadtest: 2012 Night Rod Special – after the 2012 changes
  • Thor’s Indian Bobber
  • Project Road King: Coming together
  • Project Victory: Back to the drawing board
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
48: October/November 2011
Cover: AmV048
  • Reviews: Harley-Davidson Brew Leather Jacket; John Doe Kamikaze Defense pants; “One Light Coming” novel; Junk Magazine; Hein Gericke Nylon Box Bags; QD Fuel Line Coupling; Morgan 3-Wheeler.
  • Roadtest: FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide vs FXS Blackline
  • White Line Fever: Geoff’s 124-inch S&S Softail
  • 2012 Harley-Davidson range and changes
  • Rob’s Bobber
  • Quickspin: 2012 FLD Dyna Switchback
  • Wake the Lakes
  • Bulldog Bash 25
  • Rainy Daze
  • South of England Rally
  • Americana 2011
  • The Gathering
  • Snowflake’s Panhead and PAv
  • Falklands XL
  • Roadtest: Electra Glide Ultra Limited
  • Project Road King: chassis
  • Project Victory: the Vegas Stripper back on the drawing board
  • Tech: Hybrid Harley: Shovelhead ready to go
  • Long Term: Fat Boy gets wet
  • Long Term: Rich finally gets to ride the Marmite tourer: Victory’s Vision 8-Ball
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
47: July/August 2011
Cover: AmV047
  • Reviews: Harley-Davidson RCS Rider Comfort System; Multi-Tool; Wire Twisting Tool
  • Roadtest: Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight vs XL1200 Custom
  • Lane Splitter: Sickboyz Hot Rod Sportster
  • Quickspin: XR1200X Sportster
  • Twin Pans: a bobbed ’48 Panhead and a rebuilt ’53 Hydra Glide
  • Twin Pan: Guildford’s most radical custom to date
  • California Dreamin’
  • St Tropez
  • AMOC Party
  • Roundheads’ Revenge
  • Cider Rally
  • Laughlin River Run
  • Blackbird: Rocket Bobs’ reconstituted Rocker
  • Quickspin: Can-Am Spyder RS3
  • Project Victory: the Vegas Stripper gets a bit on the side
  • Project Road King: The Evo FLHR prepares for S&S’ breathing exercises
  • Tech: Chrome
  • Long Term: Fat Boy loses weight
  • Long Term: Victory Vision 8-Ball grand tourers’ day out
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
46: May/June 2011
Cover: AmV046
  • Reviews: Rollastand Wheel Cleaner, Jimi Cap, FXRG Heated Clothing Thermostat, Essential Buyer’s Guide: Harley-Davidson Big Twins
  • Roadtest: 2011 Harley-Davidson FXS Blackline
  • “Customising, Culture and Harley-Davidson exhibition” at MOSI, Manchester
  • Thundercity’s Fat Tracker
  • Shovelhead Police FL
  • Long Term: The Changing of the Lard: Fat Bob out, Fat Boy in
  • Canadian VR Bagger: the Glidiator
  • Big Inch Fat Bobs: 110 plays 120
  • Project Road King: what Rich found when tidying his FLHR needs sharing
  • Long Term: Vision in Black
  • Sycamore H-D Custom Show: early season weekender
  • Tech: the Vegas Stripper creeps forwards
  • Quickspin: EU Homologated Big Dog Motorcycles – we ride the Coyote, K9 and Pitbull
  • Quickspin: Battistini’s Venti ‘production bike’
  • The Mainz Event: the European custom scene has seldom looked healthier or more diverse
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
45: March/April 2011
Cover: AmV045
  • Reviews: John Doe waterproof kevlar Kamikaze Cargo Defense Pants, Deemeed Discovery M Luggage, H-D Mens Profile Performance Eyewear, Women’s Hennie Boot, Men’s heated Jacket Liner, Women’s Jade lace-up, hi-top shoes
  • Roadtest: Victory Vision 8-Ball
  • Fat Yellow Taxi
  • London International Custom Show: Ally Pally
  • Guildford Fat Fighters
  • So Bad: Indian Larry-inspired Softail
  • Nobbly Styles: Vintique’s Mudpluggin’ Quad Cam
  • Rocker’s Revenge: three wheels better than four!
  • Head to head: Harley Road King Customs – 2010 96″ vs 2011 103″
  • Great British Budget Bobber Build-Off revisited: Chaz’s first build
  • Flyrite
  • Fifty One: a time machine that reinvents the past
  • Tech: Project Victory – the Vegas Stripper!
  • Old School Choppers: The Liver Blokes keep it real
  • Heritage: So you think the Blackline shows signs of complacency?
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
44: January/February 2011
Cover: AmV044
  • Reviews: Motorclothes: gloves a-go-go, electric winter gear, Illuminator oversuit, FXRG-3 boots. Biker Chicz of North America book, RAM mounts, Weise 2-piece waterproof suit
  • Head-to-Head: Softail Deluxe versus Fat Boy Special
  • Faro 2010
  • Monochromatic XXX Sportster
  • Guildford Fat Fighters
  • Voodoo Bob: cover bike
  • Long Term Fat Bob gets a lick of paint
  • Sean’s Skinny Bob
  • Big Bore, ‘Long Horn’ Shovel
  • Roadtest: Harley XL883 SuperLow
  • Touring: New Zealand
  • Low Flying V-Rod
  • Tech: Project Victory
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
43: November/December 2010
Cover: AmV043
  • Reviews: Motorclothes: “Spirited” Ladies Rainwear, Streamline Performance Eyewear, Legendary ‘near indestructible’ sunglasses; TEZ Hybrid Harley kit part 1; One World Tour video; Legendary Motorcycles Calendar
  • Roadtest: 2010 Harley-Davidson XL1200X Forty-Eight
  • European Bike Week
  • Anglo-American Bobber
  • XR1200 Trophy Finals: Cadwell Park
  • XR1000: Harley-Davidson’s 1984 tribute act
  • Ride to the Wall 2010
  • Whatever: cover bike
  • Bulldog Bash
  • Head to Head: Long Hauliers: redressed streetbike or tourer
  • Thunder in the Glens
  • Great British Budget Bobber Build-off revisited: Karl’s Green Meanie
  • Brightona 2010
  • Mission 200: RSD’s project Victory
  • SofER 2010
  • Quickspin: CCE Motorcycles Cuba Libra
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
42: September/October 2010
Cover: AmV042
  • Reviews: Roadside Toolkits: Ladies Harley-Davidson FXRG Riding Gear; Global Vision Photochromatic Freedom 24 rider glasses;Davida WRS Rider Goggles Kit; Motorbooks International 2011 Calendars
  • 2011 Harley-Davidson model news
  • 2011 Victory news
  • Roadtest: 2010 FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide
  • Street-legal XR750
  • XR1200 Trophy – Mallory Park to Brands Hatch
  • Battistini Open Day
  • Besame El Culo from Sickboyz Customs
  • Chop ‘n Rod
  • 1924: the Silent Grey Fellow gets loud, white and more blokeish
  • Head to Head: Victory Jackpot versus Honda Fury
  • New Forest Rally
  • Long Term Fat Bob: going the distance
  • HDRCGB International hits the Lakes
  • Quickspin: Nick Gale’s auto-clutch Predator
  • Americana
  • Launch: Victory Cross-series
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
41: June/July 2010
Cover: AmV041
  • Reviews: H-D FXRG Waterproofs; H-D Ladies Hi-Vis “Functional” Jacket; Bike Trac; Strong Arm Lift; Heavy Duty People; Indian Larry Chopper Shaman; The Devil Can Ride; Maximum Control, Mastering your heavyweight bike.
  • 2010 Victory Hammer 8-Ball
  • Talgarth 2010
  • Quickspin: Adrenalin-Fuelled Cafe Racer
  • XR1200 Trophy – Round 1: Oulton Park
  • 2010 FXDF Fat Bob: Long Term Test
  • Dealer Customs
  • Victorys at Arrow Mill 2010
  • Rebel without a Cause
  • Roundhead’s Revenge 2010
  • 2010 XL883N Iron Sportster Custom
  • Chrome Show
  • Quickspin: FXDB Street Bob
  • S&S Kit Upgrades
  • Thundersprint 2010
  • Quickspin: Krazy Horse/Storz Stortster
  • Street Bob of the Issue: Steve Creaser’s 95-inch
  • News and New Product
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
40: April/May 2010
Cover: AmV040
  • Reviews: Weise Psycho Pants, Weise Pacific Gloves, The Harley-Davidson Reader – now in paperback!
  • 2010 XR1200X
  • Craig Jones’ XR1200 Stunt Bike
  • XR1200 Trophy News
  • 1942 Indian 741B
  • Ace Cafe / Ally Pally Show
  • 2010 FXDF Fat Bob: Long Term Intro
  • Marty’s Knucklehead Chop
  • 2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball: Long Term Intro
  • Sycamore Harley-Davidson Custom Show
  • Lightning Rod Motorcycles’ Retro Racer
  • Quickspin: 2010 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle
  • Squidge’s Hybrid WL/A7
  • Thames Valley H-D’s 100hp+ Twin Cams
  • Chopper Kultcha’s Courtesan
  • Guildford Harley-Davidson birthday party
  • Advanced motorcycle Training: “Improve Your Performance”
  • News and New Product
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
39: February/March 2010
Cover: AmV039
  • Reviews: Keis X4 heated bodywarmer, Harbourtown Bobber, Sol clear visor treatments, Kabrus Siren Alarm Padlocks.
  • 2009 Indian Chief Vintage
  • Tech: Engine Upgrades 1: Screamin’ Eagle Kits
  • Kannon Fodder: well proportioned Ford V8-powered solo
  • SIlverstone Classic
  • Repatriated Exile
  • Indian-4
  • East Coast Harley Club summer party
  • Frankie Valli & The Waterproofs
  • Boneshakin’ 45 Bobber
  • Street Bob of the issue: Rocket Bob’s Pintail
  • The Buelligan Element: Radder’s tube framer
  • 2009 FLSTC Heritage Softail
  • Sturgis or Bust
  • News and New Product
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
38: December 2009 / January 2010
Cover: AmV038
  • Reviews: S&S Presents Today’s Top Custom Bike Builders; Custom Motorcycle ideas Book; Restoring a Panhead; Leanings; Weise Waterproof ‘Cowboy’ boots
  • 2010 New Harley Models:
    • FXDWG Wide Glide;
    • FLHTK Ultra Limited;
    • FLSTFB Fat Boy Special;
    • XR1200X
  • Satya Kraus’ Hybrid Dyna
  • RTTW 2009
  • Studdy’s Knuckle
  • Quickspin: Zero/Samurai Type 5
  • Rebecca’s Custom Servicar
  • Sturgis Part 2
  • XR1200 Trophy Racer
  • Bob’s Panhead Chop
  • NEC Bike Show
  • Bolt-on Euro Bob
  • Buell 1125R
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour

37: October/November 2009
Cover: AmV037
  • Reviews:Weise Brooklands Jacket, Maxxis Classic Tyres, “Rebel Motorcycles Ltd”, “The Original Wild Ones”, IAM’s “How to be a Better Motorcyclist”, 2010 Calendars
  • FXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom vs Victory Vegas 8-Ball vs Triumph 98-inch Thunderbird
  • HDRCGB @ 60
  • Phil’s L.A.F. Shovel
  • Tech: Making a catch tank
  • Classic: 1915 11-F
  • Bulldog Bash 2009
  • 2009 FXCWC Rocker C
  • Softail Electra Glide?
  • Chris Ireland’s Trike
  • South of England Rally 2009
  • Training: BikeSafe
  • La Rocka
  • Sturgis Part1
  • Dynamite FXD
  • 21st Century Bob
  • Shipley’s 30th
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
36: August/September 2009
Cover: AmV036
  • Reviews: Sunwise sunglasses, “Harley to Mali”, “Riding on the Edge”, 2010 Calendars
  • Harley-Davidson 2010
  • Victory 2010
  • Buell 2010
  • 2009 FXDB Street Bob bobbed
  • Chop n Rod Show
  • Classic: 1960 XLCH Sportster
  • Americana 2009
  • QuickSpin: Buell 1125CR
  • Indian 347 Chief
  • Battistini Open Day
  • Krazy Chica
  • HDRCGB Lakes Rally 2009
  • Street Savvy Tourers: Street Glide vs Vision Street
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Training: IAM Advanced Course pt 2
  • Cider Rally
  • Sean’s Bobber
  • Rockabilly Rumble
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
35: August/September 2009
Cover: AmV035
  • Reviews: Riding Route 1 DVD, Motorbooks “Motorcycles” Cube Book
  • Lateral Thinking: Kodlin’s K-Wedge
  • 2009 FLHRC Road King Classic
  • Street: Charlie’s FLH
  • Events: Talgarth
  • Classic: 1924 Maine State Police JD
  • Event: Thundersprint 2009
  • Street: 1991 FXDB Dyna Sturgis
  • 2009 Cory Ness Signature Edition Victory Jackpot
  • Event: Arrow Mill
  • Training: IAM Advanced Course pt1
  • Event: Naseby Field’s Roundheads’ Revenge
  • Tech: Ceramic Pipes
  • Town and Country Buells: CityX vs XB12Scg
  • Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
34: April/May 2009
Cover: AmV034
  • Reviews: Harley-Davidson “Performance Tee”, Iron Heart Jeans. The Road to Shipley DVD, DVD release of Stone, An Ace Day DVD, Free to Wander DVD
  • 2009 FXSTFSE CVO Fat Bob
  • Phil’s ’49 Pan chop
  • Events: Padova & Verona
  • Ness LowLiner V
  • Custom Baggers
  • Americano: H-D’s 4-stroke Italian single
  • Instant Exile
  • Tech: Inside the Freedom Engine
  • Quickspin: Hogbitz XLent Cafe Racers
  • Colin’s ’99 Fat Boy
  • Classics at Daytona
  • Bobber Street Bob
  • Mainz 2009
  • News and New Products and The Righteous Brothers in colour
33: February/March 2009
Cover: AmV033
  • Reviews: One Percenter, the legend of the outlaw bikers
  • Victory CORE Concept
  • 2009 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle
  • Krazy Horse’s Kool Kafe Racer
  • Photo Competition: Round Six and Final
  • Lightning Flash: Blinged out XB with attitude
  • Schubert: a Symphony in Steel
  • FXLR Low Rider Custom
  • V8 Choppers 350-inch Quickspin
  • Tech: sprung saddle pt1
  • WLC45: retired warhorse
  • XR1200 vs M2 vs XR1200C (Carbon)
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
32: December 2008 / January 2009
Cover: AmV032
  • Reviews: Brittown, Two Wheeled Terrors, Radical Boot Company Biker boot, How to be an Advanced Motorcyclist
  • 2009 FXDB Street Bob
  • Little Miss Dyamite: Ace Cafe Racer
  • Biketoberfest 2008
  • 2009 XR1200
  • Calling Elvis: 1968 FHLFB
  • Ride to the Wall
  • Raising Steam: Shovelhead Bobber
  • NEC2008
  • Buell Ulysses vs Ulysses XT
  • Doncaster Hot Rods and Harleys
  • Holeshot V-Rod Brightona ’08
  • 106-inch Stroker Victory Hammer-S
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
31: October/November 2008
Cover: AmV031
  • Reviews: Harley-Davidson Archive Collection, The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine, Riding with the Beast
  • 2008 Buell 1125R
  • Buell 25th at Mallory Park
  • Born in a Barn
  • Win a Panhead Photocomp: round 5
  • Shipley 2008
  • Oswestry 2008
  • Speed Demon revisited
  • Bulldog Bash 2008
  • Jet: Win a Davida
  • 2008 Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic
  • South of England Rally
  • Sturgis ’08
  • AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building
  • Second City Softail
  • The Road to the end of the Thermometer
    what’s left of the International 2008 Events Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
30: August/September 2008
Cover: AmV030
  • All the 2009 Model News from: Harley-Davidson; Victory; Buell
  • 2008 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide Harley’s
  • 105th / HOG’s 25th at Minehead
  • 2008 Photocomp: round 4 Suckin’ Eggs Servicing Tips
  • Bartgjest
  • Mallory Park take 2
  • Indian Spirit on the Heritage Softail’s trail
  • Makin’ Bacon
  • Rainy Daze V 2008
  • Buell XB12X Ulysses
  • Americana ’08
  • Adonis
  • S&S@50
  • Closed Loop Injection Fix
  • Rocker C Vs Cross Bones
  • International 2008 Events Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
29: June/July 2008
Cover: AmV029
  • Reviews: Red Line Synthetic Oil; Cruz Tools MiniSet for H-D; More on Dyna Beads; His and Hers Red Wing boots Book Reviews: Sportster Performance Handbook; 101 Evolution Performance Projects; Everything Harley-Davidson; How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson
  • 2008 Harley-Davidson XR1200
  • Ace Cafe Harley night
  • London International Custom Bike Show
  • Photo Competition: round 3 results
  • Suckin’ Eggs Tech Tips
  • Iron Horse: Iron XL
  • Bobber Budget Bobber Build-Off concludes
  • Arrow Mill Victory weekend 2008
  • Flyright Bobber
  • Thundersprint 2008
  • Shovelhead trike
  • Talgarth 2008
  • Victory Vision vs H-D Ultra Glide
  • International 2008 Events Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
28: April/May 2008
Cover: AmV028
  • Reviews: Zippo; Dyna Beads; All Weather Camera Bag
  • 2008 VRSCDX 1250cc Night Rod Special
  • Saltfighter Sportster
  • Musclebike: 124-inch Hemi
  • Quick Spin: FLSTSB Cross Bones
  • Reform School Panhead
  • Photo Competition: round 2 results
  • Tech: Paint
  • Pimp My Glide
  • 2008 XB12Ss Buell Lightning Long
  • St Leger’s P&A Nightster
  • The Great British Budget Bobber Build-off 3: Thundercity Motorcycles
  • 1955 FL Bobber International
  • 2008 Events Calendar
  • Party reminder
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
27: February/March2008
Cover: AmV027
  • Reviews: Biker Shades’ Photochromatric Wraps; Motorbooks ‘Everything you need to know about Harley-Davidson Motorcycles’; Symtec Heat Demons
  • 2008 Harley-Davidson FXDF Fat Bob
  • World Tour 2: Viva Espana
  • TECH: Messing with LED
  • Everyday Shovel: Martin’s FXS
  • Party! Not a review but an invitation!
  • F-Head – yes, another!
  • Born with a Tail: Scot’s XL
  • Photo Comp: WIN A (1:10) PANHEAD: choosing the right digital camera; Interview with Ian Mutch
  • Stroker Ace: Griff’s … err, stroker
  • 2008 FLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic
  • The Great British Budget Bobber Build-off: Boneshaker Choppers
  • International 2008 Events Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
26: December 2007 / January 2008
Cover: AmV026
  • Reviews: Draggin’ Jeans Combat Pants; Vemar Jiano helmet; Motorbooks’ McQueens Machines; Oxford Products Maximiser 360T; Venhill Vacuum Pump; Chopperhead Vol2 DVD; MAD Calendar; Motorbooks’ Michael Lichter Calendar
  • 2007 Victory Vegas 8-Ball
  • All American Cafe Racer
  • Biketoberfest 2007
  • Beachfighter
  • S&S VFI Fuel Injection
  • Roaring Forties Bobber
  • Photo Comp Intro: WIN A (1:10) PANHEAD!
  • Krazy Horse’s 11+
  • 2008 1250cc VRSCAW
  • V-Rod Griff’s Shovel
  • Brightona
  • The Great British Budget Bobber Build-off: Intro
  • Big Twin Bikeshow and Zodiac Expo
  • Guilty Customs'”Errant Chopper “
  • International Bike Show at the NEC
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
25: October/November 2007
Cover: AmV025
  • Reviews: Roof Boxer V helmet; Harley-Davidson Switchback jacket; Motorbooks’ Build a H-D Torque Monster
  • 2008 Harley-Davidson XL1200N Nightster
  • HDRCGB International Rally: Oz ’07
  • Chiefy’s Choppa
  • Sturgis 2007 in pictures
  • The Buell Experience
  • SofER HOG Rally
  • Heritage Softail vs Kingpin Tour
  • Bulldog Bash 2007
  • Jony-O’s radical lowrider
  • NCC Harleys and Hot-Rods
  • Texas Chopper Quickspin
  • Rainy Daze 4
  • AMD Pro Show
  • Project Victory
  • Harley day at The Ace Cafe
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
24: August/September 2007
Cover: AmV024

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  • Reviews: Motorbooks’ Indian Motorcycles; Motorbooks’ Gallery Series: Harley-Davidson; Biker Glasses; Hood K9 Denim Jacket
  • 2007 VRSCDX Night Rod Special
  • 2008 Harley-Davidson Model Range
  • Laconia Bike Week 2007
  • Fuengirola Winner: ’07
  • Fat Boy Chop
  • 2007 Buell XB12STT
  • 2008 Buell Model Range
  • Americana 2007
  • Zeel’s Bobster: XL Trike
  • 2007 Cider Rally
  • Supersize me! XL883 vs XXL883R
  • Makin’ Bacon
  • 2007 Ballistic Muscle: 124-inch TP Softail
  • Fuengirola ’07 European HOG Rally
  • Slammed Softail
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
23: June/July 2007
Cover: AmV023
  • Reviews: Weisse textiles; Hood jeans; Tailsafe; i-Nek; P&KG magazine
  • Roadtest: ’07 Victory Hammer-S
  • Bruno’s 1959 Panhead
  • Daytona 2007: readers tours
  • Roadtest: 2007 VRSCAW V-Rod VRSCK: Supercharged Night-Rod
  • Victory Open Day at Arrow Mill
  • Quickspin: Thundercity’s Big Bear Screamin’ Demon
  • HDRCGB Region 7’s Talgarth Rally
  • Will’s 1926 J
  • Hi-Jacking the Night Train
  • Project Vegas: progress!
  • Evil Twin from Le Rock
  • Northern Harley Club kickstarts summer
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour.
22: April/May 2007
Cover: AmV022
  • Reviews: One Million Motorcycles DVD : UK Biker Build-Off DVD : Hugger Gloves
  • 2007 FXDB 96-inch Street Bob
  • CCE Dealer Show / AMD European Championship
  • Ironic XR Tribute
  • Road Kong: 103 vs 113 Twin Cams
  • Hot Rod Y2K
  • FXR4
  • Black Bear Bagger
  • Blasting from the past: 1963 Panhead and 1971 Shovel ridden
  • Ernie’s 55 Pan
  • Walzing with Krazy Horses: Blown Walz Hardcore and Waltster
  • S&S X-Wedge: in full
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
21: February/March 2007
Cover: AmV021
  • Reviews: Motorcycle Electrical Systems; The Harley Reader
  • 2007 Fuel Injected Sportsters
  • The all new S&S X-Wedge engine
  • Tosh’s Parts Bin Special
  • STAGED 2007 BIG TWINS: HarleyWorld’s Fast Boy Vs Heroic Softail
  • Choppershack/Exile Dragster
  • Project Victory
  • 2007 Softail Custom
  • Nu-Ness – Radical Custom
  • XLCR Cafe Racer
  • Fat-tyred German XB Buell
  • STAGED 2007 BIG TWINS: Night Train vs Thundercity’s Overnight Express
  • Suicide King: stunning American Shovel
  • 2007 Calendar of Events
  • Readers Rides
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
20: December 2006 / January 2007
Cover: AmV020
  • Christmas Gift Ideas
  • XB12Ss Buell Lightning Long
  • NEC2006
  • Killarney 2006 Winner
  • Brightona 2006
  • Roadtest: 2006 Victory Jackpot
  • Dave’s Shovel
  • Roadtest: Quickspin on 2007 Night Train
  • The Ecosse Heretic
  • XL883 to 1200 Conversion on 2007 EFI
  • Thunder in the Glens
  • Patrick’s very special KHK
  • AMW Bagger Cam Conversion for TC88
  • Krazy Horse’s 10th Anniversary
  • World Tour Pt1: Northern Ireland
  • La Cucaracha – CCI’s new kit for ’07?
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
19: October/November 2006
Cover: AmV019
  • Reviews: Air Force Blaster; Deemeed Luggage; Aviator Goggles
  • Riding the Range: ’07 Big Twins
  • Big Beautiful Doll: Tony’s P51
  • Surrey HOG’s 15th Birthday
  • Roger Allmond’s XYZ Victory
  • The FXWG ‘Willie G’ Wide Glide
  • Rainy Daze III
  • Battle of the Fat Boys: ’06 vs ’07
  • Shipley 2006
  • Dynamic Jack’s Hard Ass
  • Bulldog Bash
  • 2006 Karen’s Springster
  • HDRCGB’s Oz
  • ’06 Vegas vs Vegas: 92 plays 100
  • AMD World Championships 2006
  • Gary’s 666 Hi-Tech Buell S1
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
18: August/September 2006
Cover: AmV018
  • 2006 Victory Hammer
  • Australian Rules Dyna
  • Harley-Davidson 2007 Round-Up
  • Buell 2007 Round-Up
  • Victory 2007 Round-Up
  • Pro-Custom Bike Show 2006
  • Maria’s Mischief
  • Project Fat Boy
  • Makin’ Bacon 2006
  • Evo FLHS Vs Twin Cam FLHRC
  • Americana International 2006
  • Pepe Le Pew, Le Skunk
  • Project Victory
  • Drakey’s FXRS
  • Thundercity’s CCE Spirit Bobber
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV017
  • DVD Reviews: Choppertown, Building a Chopper Chassis
  • Roadtest: 2006 VRSCD Night Rod
  • Last Years Model: parts bin special
  • 1982 FXB Sturgis
  • Suck Squeeze Bang Blow:
    … Exhausting principes
  • Sin City Ratbike
  • Laughlin River Run 2005
  • ZZ3 Boss Hoss: 5.7 litre monster
  • Project Victory: spanner-time
  • Mainz 2006: CCE and AMD ProShow
  • Olds Cool. Playtime for Tony.
  • Project Fat Boy: fitting the steroids
  • Oscar’s Evo: lean and hungry
  • Roadtest: 2006 XL1200 Low
  • International Events Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV016
  • Roadtest: 2006 FLHX Street Glide
  • 1981 FLTC Shovelhead Tour Glide
  • Suck Squeeze Bang Blow:
    … Twin Cam bore and stroke
  • Scotty’s Acid Monster
  • Sturgis 2005
  • New Wide Glide vs old Vegas
  • Thundercity’s Repatriated Exile
  • DVDs: Fix my Hog XL, Biker Build Off and Muscle Bikes
  • Project Fatboy
  • New York City Choppers’ Knuck
  • Roadtest: 2006 FXST Softail Std
  • International Events Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV015
  • Roadtest: Buell XB12X Ulysses.
  • MotorSale 2005
  • Best in Show: Charly’s Revenge
  • Suck Squeeze Bang Blow:
    … Bore and Stroke
  • Gunboat Diplomacy: Army FL
  • Project Victory: Am Vegas
  • Jeez Louise – proper Bobber.
  • Low Rider vLow Rider: ’04 v ’06
  • Viva Las Vegas: AMD’s ProShow
  • Freestyle Winner: Goldammer
  • Speedliner: Wizard’s Gee Bee
  • Dynamic Choppers’ Ruthless360
  • 2006 Harley Heritage Softail
  • International Events Calendar
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV014
  • Roadtest: 2006 FXDBI Street Bob.
  • NEC International Bike Show
  • Victory Vegas Long Term
  • Turkey’s Shovelhead Chop
  • Shipley 2005
  • “Bonneville Special” Buell
  • Stop! Rich’s Road King does now.
  • Zeel’s Phenomenal “Phenom”
  • Brightona
  • Krazy Horse’s “Zeroesque”
  • Roadtest: 2005 VRSCR Street Rod
  • Suck Squeeze Bang Blow:
    … Combustion pt2
  • The Electra Glide that never was
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV013
  • Roadtest: 2005 FLSTSC Springer Classic.
  • Rainy Daze 2.
  • SuckSqueezeBangBlow: Combustion.
  • Harley’s XL1200R PandA Special
  • 1996 Rubber Mount Sportster
  • 2006 Model News from HD, Buell and Victory
  • Rosso Corsa: Nick Gale’s Ferrari Bike
  • Harley-Davidson ULH: 80-inch Flathead
    • Why you should/why you shouldn’t
    • Engines
    • Kit Bike Round Up and roadtests on:
      … Dragon: 100-inch engine option
      … Chopper: 110-inch engine option
      … Bomber: 124-inch engine option
      … “V”: 110-inch European version
      … List and pic of every kit we found
      ….At-a-glance table
  • Speed Demon: 131-inch HO Merch
  • Video Reviews: “Fix My HOG: Tourer Edition” and “Chopper Kings”
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV012
  • Roadtest: 2005 Harley-Davidson XL883R
  • Devil’s Own Custom & Tattoo Show
  • Gilroy Indian PowerPlus Chief
  • Fightin’ Torque: SE V-Rod takes on the stock VRSCA
  • Long Term Victory Vegas
  • Custom FXR Shovelhead
  • Buell S1 Lightning: original Hooligan Torque Beast
  • 124-inches of All-American S&S Two Cam
  • Hoggin’ the French Riviera: HOG invades St Tropez
  • Rebel Yell on Bourbon St: Confederate F113 Hellcat
  • Synister custom from America’s west coast
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV011
  • Roadtest: Harley-Davidson FLSTNI Softail Deluxe
  • Richard Sanson’s S1 hi-tech lowrider
  • Tech: Suck Squeeze Bang Blow – introducing a new series
  • Hi-lo Tech, Iron meets Aluminium on an early XL
  • Moto Salon show, Paris
  • Shark Attack! Snob’s Buell
  • Tech: Inside the V92 Freedom Motor
  • Head-to-head: Harley Tourers
  • Doncaster Pro Custom Show 2005
  • Classic: 1940 Indian Chief
  • Disturbed: SHD’s Biker Build-off Entry
  • Death & Taxis: Harley Hearse
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV010
  • Roadtest: Harley-Davidson XL883C Sportster Custom
  • Hank’s Softail
  • QuickSpin: Harley-Davidson VRSCR Street Rod
  • Classics: Men of Iron
  • Roadtest: Buell XB9SX City-X
  • Yabba Dabba Doo: Jamie’s Fat Boy
  • Dealer Days: wot we did on owr hollydaze
  • Head-to-head: Super Glide Custom vs Low Rider
  • California Dreamin’: Reno Street Vibes
  • California Dreamin’: Crazy George’s Bagger
  • California Dreamin’: Dianne’s Ironhead
  • California Dreamin’: CCI / AMD Pro Show
  • Long Term Test: The King Pin is swapped for a Vegas
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV009
  • Roadtest: Harley-Davidson FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide
  • Sally’s real world Sportster chop
  • Tech: Brakes
  • 2004 NEC International Bike Show
  • Long Term Test: Victory King Pin gets a Stage One
  • Roadtest: Harley-Davidson VRSCB V-Rod II
  • 2004 Bulldog Bash
  • Head-to-head/Tech: a tale of 2 Super Glide Sports:S
  • Magnacharger versus JIMS 2-litre stroker
  • Jeff’s Softail
  • Touring: W&W Cycles End of the World Tour
  • 2004 Rock n Blues Custom Show
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV008
  • Long Term Test: Running-in Victory’s new King Pin
  • Grub’s Shovel
  • Classic Panhead
  • Roadtest: Harley-Davidson FXSTBI Night Train
  • Tech: Custom engine selection
  • Rickman Metisse Sportster
  • Harley Night at the Ace Cafe
  • Indian Motocycle Company history – 1901-1953.
  • Doncaster Pro Custom Show.
  • Roadtest: The new Sportsters tested by an XL owner
  • Ian’s Custom Sportster
  • Devil’s Own Custom Show
  • Frank’s Cal Rayborn-inspired XB9R Buell Firebolt
  • Roadtest: Harley-Davidson FXDI Super Glide
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV007
  • Ten Years of the Road King
  • Tech – a basic introduction to building a custom
  • Al’s bullet-proof proper chopper
  • Alternative Americans:
    … Gus’ Super-X “Deadwood Special” and
    … Cal’s first year V92C Victory Cruiser
  • Stick a foot in it: 300-section Avon in a V-Rod
  • Roadtest: FLHRSI Road King Custom.
  • Tech: Graham Clayton talks to Erik Buell.
  • Head-to-head: Stage 2 1200R Sportster Vs XB12S.
  • Stateside matt black FXRs?
  • Roadtest: The 2004 vs 1994 Road Kings
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV006
  • Evel Knievel’s XR750 Jump Bike
  • Head-to-head: big ‘n little Buell
  • Firebolts
  • Shovelhead Low Rider
  • Biketoberfest 2003
  • Grant’s Twin Cam, Twin Carb Fat Boy
  • Vikings Show, Eire
  • Loveless Lost – fifties throwback Shovel
  • Partying with the catalogue boys:
  • Zodiac
  • Partying with the catalogue boys: CCI
  • Cornish Cream Panhead
  • Tech: Single Vehicle Approval test
  • 40’s factory trike and its forty-five friend
  • Roadtest: Harley’s Bouncing Baby
  • Tech: if you want to get ahead, get a hat
  • News and New Products and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV005
  • 1957 XL Sportster – the original
  • 2003 XL1200S Sportster Sport – the last of its line
  • Milan EICMA – Italian International Bike Show
  • Rock n’ Blues 2003
  • Bren’s chop
  • Milwaukee’s 100th Celebration
  • Stage One Deuce versus Stage One Vegas
  • Tech: Staging
  • Jay Springsteen’s XR
  • Long-stroke Buell evolution
  • Bulldog Bash 2003
  • Prototype Vee from John Reed and CCI
  • News and New Products and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV004
  • Story of the tube-framed Buell, and a stunning S2
  • Bad Boy on holiday – Rich finds a Rhodian FXSTSB
  • Dutch Evo: low and lean minimal machine
  • Identify your Harley – VINs and Model IDs
  • Indian Despatch Tow – Springfield’s Servicar
  • Milwaukee’s new range for 2004
  • XLH883 Sportster vs FXD Super Glide
  • The Farmyard Party
  • Tech: A roundup of wheels
  • FXD Super Wide: extra rubber for your Dyna
  • FXDL: Living with the Low Rider
  • Lightning strikes twice: a couple of pseudo “S”s
  • National Antique American Motorcycle Show
  • Daytona 2003, now the pics have dried out
  • Northern Harley Riders Club “Midgeless”
  • News and New Products and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV003
  • The new Victory Vegas
  • A potted history of H-D. Part 3: 1979-2002
  • Ape Cam: Jock’s Rubbermount 88 Softail
  • Evo Lo’svelt: Sandra’s Streetfightin’ Evo
  • CCE Show: Rich whoops it up in Mainz
    … and spots a stunning black German bobber
  • Style over substance: Fat Boy vs Heritage Softail
  • K-Series, pre Sportster flathead
  • The Fat Boy that never was: Chris’ S&S Widetail
  • FXDX-T: A Euro HOG for all seasons
  • Tech: Injecting enthusiasm for EFI
  • Living with Max’s Walz Hardcore Lowrider
  • Minehead revisited: Party on the Somerset coast
  • News and New Products
  • and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV002
  • FLHRCI Road King Classic
  • A potted history of H-D. Part 2: 1955-1978
  • Tech: Back to Black. Revamping your grey engine
  • Hybrid predator: Hi-tech Evo streetfighter
  • Future Shock: VRSCA versus XB9S Lightning
  • FLHS Sport Electra Glide – and yes, that is right.
  • Daytona Bike Week – not current, but still valid
  • European Bike Week. Mutchie at the
  • Faaker See
  • Tech: Steering committee. Geometry lesson
  • XL883R Sportster
  • American-V launch party at The Ace
  • News and New Products and The Righteous Brothers in colour
Cover: AmV001
  • Elvis’ Pan
  • FXST Softail Standard
  • Everything you need to know about tyres
  • A potted history of H-D. Part 1: 1903-1954
  • XL1200C Sportster Custom Versus
  • FXDL Low Rider
  • Screamin’ Eagle Stroker Conversions
  • Just Harley’s Heart and Soul Rally 2002
  • Rear-engined, German-engineered trike
  • Stunning 750 Indian 101 racer
  • Victory Freedom-engined V92C Cruiser
  • The continuing evolution of a Dyna Custom
  • Indian Riders Club Rally 2002
  • Willie G’s V-Rod Dragster.
  • News and New Products and The Righteous Brothers in colour