Yost Pro Power Tube

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Still running a carburettor? The Yost Pro Power Tube is one of those must-have things from the days of lean-running CVs and the so-called ‘Harley Tax’.

It produces a very fine mist which allows the fuel to stay in suspension for longer, offering better control of air and fuel mixtures that can be almost perfectly matched for any throttle position.

The expectation is up to 5hp with improved mid-range performance and “an incredible throttle response”.

And to make life easier when fitting one, there is a handy wrench for removing the intake manifold on Evolution engines, which cuts a one hour job in half and pays for itself after the first job. This angled wrench with ball-end allows you to remove the carburettor manifold directly from 1986-2006 Sportster or a 1984-1999 Big Twin models without needing to remove the complete gas tank!

Both are now available at your Zodiac dealer.

781710 Yost Pro Power Tube for Keihin CV carburettors £119.06
781711  Intake manifold wrench £10.13


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