What a ride! The Softail Fat Bob S in the Catalonian hills

Andy H Harley-Davidson, Launches Leave a Comment

Yes, it was 2017 but who cares! The sun was out, the roads were stunning and while the super-wide-angle camera really didn’t do the corners justice – it made hairpins look like bends – it was a stunning test of the new Softail frame.

Pity the Kodak SP360’s mic wasn’t noise cancelling and that I was being too clever for my own good with the Sena Prism, which was facing backwards over my shoulder with poor framing; but chasing Nik Samson on another Fat Bob and Chris Cope on a Street Bob – to give some indication of the road ahead for the footage – with Darryl Young (I think) setting the pace, I did enjoy watching this for the first time in a year.

It starts to get lively about three minutes in and then the road continues to speed up  – not that you can tell from the speedo, which is LCD and invisible: the dial is the tacho and shows the bike pulling hard from a whiff of throttle, but then I was trying to find out just how good the Milwaukee Eight is.

Spoiler alert: it’s stunning!

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