VG Big Twin swing-arm frames for 4-speeds

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No need to take a hacksaw to an original frame for that chopper project you’ve always wanted to build, and indeed you can turn that bodged piece of junk that you bought for the right money off eBay back into something more original, because these reproduction frames offer you both opportunities.

Featuring the same combination of tubular steel and cast iron forgings as the originals – with raised forging numbers just like the factory used – and a stock 30-degree rake, a blind man on a galloping horse wouldn’t be able to tell them apart … unless his keen eye for detail could spot the subtle differences that sneaked past in 1972 and 1981. But you would have the confidence afforded by new, straight metal, even if it did originate from Europe’s Low Countries rather than the American mid-west.

There are two versions: one for 1958-’64 swing-arm Panheads that replaces oem 47004-58B and the other covering the last Panhead and most of the Shovels, replacing 47003-65, 47013-72 and 47015-81.

Using your skill and judgement, check out the one in the picture and explain how you can tell that it is the earlier of the two.

The prize?

Smug satisfaction.

VG Big Twin Swing-Arm Frame €2,751.88
W&W 15967: for 195864 Duo Glides
W&W 15968: for 1965-on Electra Glides and big twins

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