Vegas Super Hooligan Final

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For those who didn’t manage to stay awake until stupid o’clock in the morning (GMT) to see the Super Hooligan Final, here it is!

This was shown on online channel – where you will find live and archive footage of AMA Pro Racing as well as NASCAR and IMSA racing – and while it was flagged up to us as the introduction to the world of Indian’s 1,000cc version of their new Scout – the Scout Sixty – and by the final, the field had been whittled down to a Street 750, half a dozen Sportsters, five Indians and a Yamaha.

I’ve been trying to get permission to show this, without success: no-one is responding to emails. If the IP owners require me to take it down, I will do so immediately. Hopefully any such requests will only be to make sure people follow their links to the footage, but seeing that RSD and Indian are only showing stills, and don’t yet list this in their archives, I’m hoping that it won’t be a problem.

All brands and logos are fully recognised and no attempt is made – nor should be inferred – to associate any of them with American-V magazine.

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