Ultimate Puncture repair tool

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Like an army knife for punctures, this might seem to be overkill except that it’s small enough to carry and will invaluable when you need it: intercontinental travellers take note.

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Rather than a standalone plugging system requiring additional tools, or a full system with loose parts, this has been designed specifically for motorcyclists. Nippy Norman’s 4-in-1 tool contains a pair of pliers, a rasp, an insertion tool and sharp knife as well as five ‘repair strings’: everything needed to fix 99% of tubeless punctures.

And it packs into a sheath measuring just 130x68x50mm: small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or under a bike seat.

The repair strings are pre-vulcanized so don’t need any glue, and they’re designed to both plug the hole and leave a patch-style repair on the inside of the tyre.

Nippy Normans also offer a range of compact pumps – both manual and electric – for complete roadside tyre repair capability; ideal for commuting, touring and particularly “adventure touring” when access to recovery and garage services is limited.

The Ultimate Puncture Repair Tool sells for £46 including VAT but is currently on offer at the introductory price of £39, with five repair plugs and carry pouch.


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