Torx Brad and Harry Helmets

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It wouldn’t be a new products section without some new helmets, but as they are things we’re stuck with, and wear closer to us than anything else, we like to make sure you’ve got something you’re comfortable with. Or, as in these cases, is inexpensive enough to throw away every couple of years like we’re supposed to.

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Simple: Harry is an open face with a built-in pull-down visor, while Brad is a Motocross inspired full-face that will have you reaching for a pair of goggles – not supplied, although it does have a ventilated mouth guard, and a removable sun visor … that has been removed in all of the shots.

Both have funky paint and both are E-approved

Torx Harry open face helmet: Matte Black £76.11 Colour/Graphics: £88.06
Torx Brad full face helmet:                                                                                           £109.61

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