The new American-V Shop is open for business!

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At last!

Easier to use than ever before and as part of our package of improvements to meet these challenging times, we have completely redesigned the American-V shop, and are currently adding everything that we have produced.

This currently includes:

  • American-V 107
  • Recent back issues of American-V – issue 80-on – and #1 from 2003
  • All seven issues of the sadly missed Spirit of 1901 magazines

We will be adding T-shirts and the remaining issues (2-79) of American-V as time and photography allows – who knew how complicated it would be to find up-to twenty year old artwork to recreate covers and contents pages at a higher resolution to benefit from modern bandwidth?

We’re hoping it will be done by by mid-July!!

As it happens, we have very limited stocks of the current triple issue – 107 – because most are in WHSmiths stores (click on link or in the menu for those stockists) and Euro Garages forecourts (link to follow), and it would be enormously beneficial if you could pick issues up from there first, if it’s convenient.

We hate to see copies go to waste as they cost us a fortune to print: three issues worth of paper, and on an upgraded the paper stock to further improve the quality.

The original PayPal shop is still up and has been renamed the Back Issues Library on the main menu, allowing you to quickly search for features, events and roadtests – which is what I use it for – and unless otherwise started (we left the “Sold Out” labels on those that have), they are still available.

New Back Issues Deal

All back issues that have NOT yet been transferred onto the new shop are still available at £2 each – issues 2-79 – but you will need to ring me on 0333 939 8114 to sort that out.

All back issues that HAVE BEEN transferred are available for half price through the new shop until the end of July, or as part of an order of older back issues by phone.

Remember: if you like what we do and how we do it, tell your like-minded friends.

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  1. Good to see all is well & making improvements as time allows.
    Great mag & looking forward to the next issue.
    I have all but one of the magazines & that one is unfortunately unavailable, Pity.

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