The Indian Scout Bobber is in da house

Andy H Buell / EBR, Indian Leave a Comment

Sadly so am I, writing furiously to get as much finished as possible before Tuesday and a roadtrip to Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary Party in Prague!

And no, the Buell isn’t standing on a box on a ramp behind it, the Scout Bobber really is that low in the saddle and long in the wheelbase.

It’s actually about the same size as my Shovelhead Low Rider, and I’m going to see if anyone notices that at the weekend at Shovelfest, because I need to put some miles on it before it goes back.

Not bad eh? Mentioned three of the four brands we cover in a single post: if only I’d been able to mention tripping over the Victory in the warehouse when I helped my niece move her stuff out, but I didn’t 🙁

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