S&S Winter Power Package Returns

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If you’re looking for big power with big savings, check out this complete big bore and cam chest in one kit!

The S&S Winter Power Package is the ideal combination of performance and savings, designed to transform your Milwaukee Eight or Twin Cam Harley-Davidson without breaking the bank.

For the latest generation, S&S is packaging their brand new 124” bolt in big bore kit with a 550 cam, cam plate and high flow oil pump as well as valve springs, lifters and pushrods,

Twin Cam kits get a similar combination of performance parts with a 585 cam and a bump to 100 for the early and 110 cubic inches for the late TC models.

All kits are available with gear or chain drive cams and are designed to make big, reliable power with equally big savings.

Winter only – October 1st through January 31st, 2019 – prices start at $2499 saving over $400!

Ideal combo for that winter install.

W&W Winter Packages: from $2,499

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