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It has taken a few years and a new generation of riders to sneak motocross goggles into the custom bike world, and while they’re still hardly commonplace, the release of Harley-Davidson’s Pan America next year could change that.

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These are the latest offerings from Helly, a German biker sunglasses specialist, and while they were originally designed for motocross and enduro riding, the panoramic window in the front offers more protection than your average road wear.

They are unlikely to slip on your helmet, as the strap has silicon strips to keep it in place, and they’re compatible with all Jet and most full-face helmets – once the visor has been removed – which is one of the increasingly common styles we’re seeing emerge.

The double-sided anti-fog lenses come in clear, ‘Dark Smoke’ and ‘Laser Gold’, and in a choice of black or white frames.

CCE 917873 Black frame, Clear lens
CCE 917874 Black frame, Dark Smoke lens
CCE 917875 Black frame, Laser Gold lens
CCE 917876 White frame, Clear lens
CCE 917877 White frame, Dark Smoke lens
CCE 917878 White frame, Laser Gold lens

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