Somebody, somewhere must really hate motorcycles

Andy H American-V, Long Term Chief Vintage 3 Comments

Endless blue sky spring days, quiet roads and petrol at … how much?!!!

Can’t help but wonder how long before it drops below £1/litre. And okay, it’s supermarket fuel which hasn’t got the best reputation for performance, but it’s a stock motor, and at least the fuel is an E5 😄

And I’ve got to say that I’m learning lots about this Indian in various levels of trim on a wide selection of roads. Thanks, btw, to those who have been in touch regarding their experiences with their own Chief Vintages: I will respond, when I’ve settled back at my regular base, full time, which is looking like the end of next week.

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  1. Cracking bike but how do you keep the white walls so clean? Any tips to help me keep my RoadKings looking as good would be appreciated.

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  2. Hi Andy and my fellow American V subscribers. Yep all you say seems so torturously unfair. I have a loophole however, as with my main employ being as a secondary school teacher, I need to go in to work two days a week on a rota, so as to help look after the children of essential workers (which by default, I guess, makes me an essential worker, too, lol), and when I go in on my days, I take my Harley and truly go the LONG way there and back. 😆

    L&R: Gary Charles (author of BIKERS LEGEND LEGACY AND LIFE).

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