Softail Oil Tanks

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We need a new generic term for 1984 to 2018 Softails, to quickly identify them from the new ones, but that’s not important here because this only relates to 1989-99 Evos … and I’m scratching my head wondering what happened in 1989 to make that a factor? The frame fundamentally changed in 2000, losing the seat tube which is much easier to understand.

Meanwhile, back at the plot.

These four late Evo Softail oil tanks – count ’em – are two types, each in two finishes: black or chrome, and stock side-fill or custom centre-fill. They hold 3 US quarts / 2.84 litres and the centre-fill models feature threaded inserts on the top for mounting to custom or stock frames.

Oil tank for 1989-1999 Softail
Zod 789427: Stock style black £207.52
Zod 789828: Stock style chrome £209.96
Zod 789429: Center fill black £146.49
Zod 789430: Center fill chrome £146.49

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