Shadow Foam for Tooldraws

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Got a roller cabinet that you stocked yourself, and a sharp knife? Then you too can have an OCD toolkit like a proper mechanic, and be able to find every single bloody spanner when you bloody want it as your mental faculties fade … yes, I do speak from bitter experience.

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Okay, so it’s going to be fiddly cutting round all those spanners – it might take as long to do a full set as I’ve been known to spend finding an elusive ½-inch – but even if you do just do the larger tools it’s far easier spotting a tool that’s missing when it leaves a hole behind.

Cutting through the top black layer to the multiple layers below reveals the colour of your choice – well, red, green or blue – or colours: metric and imperial? The sheet size is 1200×550, and it comes in a regular SF30 30mm or deeper SF50 50mm depth for the bigger tools.

I’m going to take a reckless punt and suggest that the sub-layers within each are 6mm, because I can make out five of them in what might be the 30mm sheet – hard to tell from the shot of a corner – and that would be about right for the accuracy you’d want.

Sealey Shadow Foam: 1200x550x30mm 1200x550x50mm
Red SF30R SF50R
Green SF30G SF50G
Blue SF30B SF50B
Price £26.34 £33.54

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