Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera Test

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This is not the last you will see of hear of the Prism, because there is one fundamental thing I didn’t sort out this time: the link to Sena’s 20S Headset that I am clearly wearing, but which I had less conspicuously forgotten to recharge.

Working in concert with the headset, the superb noise cancelling feature of the 20S would usually comes into its own but at the expense of killing nearly all of the engine noise as well. There are a range of settings for the microphone that govern this, and I will test them all fully when time and facilities allow.

The Prism is a full 1080P resolution, so will do justice to an HD TV, although being streamed, the compression algorithms used by YouTube will lose some of the clarity of the original, in order than you can stream it in realtime.

This was also the first time in a couple of years that I had opened Adobe Premier Elements, and probably my first attempt at ‘sophisticated’ editing – usually limited to stitching two videos together and adding titles and a closing credit.  It certainly took longer than the second attempt, although some of that can be laid at the door of the increased amount of date when editing HD1080 rather than HD720.

I have been looking at iMovie as a possible alternative to Premier Elements – which would allow me to use the more powerful hardware of my newer Mac – but have been put off by comments relating to how unstable it is with the current operating system, Yosemite; and while Premier Elements now works on the Mac platform again, there are suggestions that it doesn’t play nicely with Yosemite either: it looks like I might install Windows onto a partition on the newer Mac.

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