Sena 10C intercom/camera

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Fancy a comms system and an action camera on your helmet, but concerned about looking like an extra from Star Wars? This is perhaps the perfect combination of the two in one body, and it has just been updated.

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We’ve been playing with Sena’s other offerings over the years and one of their biggest plus points has always been the ability to do real-time voiceover on video footage, using Bluetooth in the case of the original Prism or a wired microphone in a full face with the new Prism Tube: this has everything in place already.

Its sleek new design incorporates a brand new 4k/30fps video camera with video tagging and Sena’s own Smart Audio Mix, a 4-way Bluetooth intercom with a 1.6km/1mile – which can be upgraded to their Mesh system with an additional device, or expanded to infinite one-to-one range by voice-controlling your attached phone – AND you can use the full potential of your connected form whether it’s for music, comms or turn-by-turn satnav directions!

Oh, and the camera also works in burst mode, timelapse and single shot, and it can be controlled from the handlebars if you buy the remote control!

Is there something it doesn’t do?

It can’t be in two places at the same time, so it will always be on the side of your helmet, connected to your mic – unlike the Prism/20S combination – and the magic of realtime video voiceovers can be shattered by an untimely phone call, unlike the self-contained Prism Tube.

Other than that, it looks like the perfect comms and camera choice for those who fancy sharing their experiences … and haven’t got/don’t want comms built into their helmet.

Sena 10C EVO Bluetooth Camera and Communication System

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