Sealey’s Son et Lumière show

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How many times have you been sat in your shed fettling, tidying, cleaning or doing a range of otherwise minimum attention tasks that would benefit from some banging tunes – at least, I think that’s what the young folk call them – to break the silence?

Combine it with a useful light – which you’ll always be able to find, because that’s where the music is coming from – and you’re golden.

The sound, of course, comes from your phone or tablet, wirelessly transmitted to the high quality speaker, while the light is a 10w COB LED that can be set to two levels of brightness – 250 or 500 lumens – with a claimed beam distance of 50 metres.

The battery will last no less than 4.5-hours running time between charges, which we must assume is music and 500 lumens, and no more than 12 hours and a debate regarding whether the speaker or the 250 lumens uses more power. Charging takes about 6-hours from completely flat using the supplied USB cable – a charge indicator light on the back shows its status – and the torch can still be used while charging.

All this comes in a rubber coated housing with recessed hook, two magnets and an integral 90-degree adjustable stand, is IPX4 Water Resistant and can withstand falls of up to 1m.

Of course, if it had a mic built in too, it would be the perfect tool for a roadside breakdown, used as a light and a hands-free kit, making it much easier when being talked through tight spannering: that’s one for the suggestions box.

LED50WS Rechargeable Torch/Speaker £59.95

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