Scout Bobber 20 Seat

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Corbin has created a seat for Indian’s new Bobber 20, which takes the factory ‘1920’ seat on its base adaptor to a new level – and indeed the one that you bought as an accessory for your Scout, as long as it is on said bracket.

The vintage ‘saddle’ shape is built up on a Fibertech base – to provide a rigid foundation for the carefully designed foam shape – with Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam providing a firm, supportive ride for miles of support.

The seat has been ergonomically designed to provide more square inches of body contact, giving better weight distribution and eliminating hot spots, and while it still appears to be a vintage item, that’s where all similarities end: it takes full advantage of Corbin’s five decades of seat building experience.

Installation is simple – bolting to the aluminium adapter just like the stock unit – but neither the adaptor (Indian part #5140095-266), close-out plate (Indian part # 5454075) or the fitting for same are not included with the saddle.


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Corbin Seat for Scout Bobber 20 / and 1920 solo seat       £529.20

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