Scared of Spyders? How about Scorpions?

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Can-Am’s Spyder has been around for a few years now, as have the blueprints for a ‘reversed trike’ bearing Harley-Davidson’s mark in the US Patent Office, but it’s another company in Wisconsin that have taken Harley’s V-Rod and come up with this hot rod of a three wheeler: a veritable Morgan with handlebars.

Sold as a kit, attached without modifying the frame – it looks like the detachable lower frame loops are swapped for new ones that take the frame forwards to the suspension mounts and steering rack – the Scorpion will be available in the US in Spring 2015 for about $5k on top of your V-Rod, and it looks well thought-out, even down to moving the radiator and its familiar shroud to the front of the vehicle.

Of course the Harley patent is for a banking trike, which would add another dimension – and a much appreciated one, if my experience of the Spyder was anything to go by – and with the Spyder, Polaris’ new Slingshot, Morgan’s M3W and now this could open up a completely new sector!

There will undoubtedly be those who will ask why? To them there is but one answer: why not?

Scorpion Trike_02Scorpion Trike_03Scorpion Trike_01Scorpion Trike_05

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