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Having casually cast this aside after returning from t’Centrum rally back in 2013, nobody was more surprised than me to be able to put my hand to it straight away earlier this year, when I was loading the Fat Boy for France.

Same story: would be overloading my Deemeed bag, parking it on the rear seat without a backrest, and wanted additional insurance against it slipping back onto the paint and then rubbing gently through the lacquer between fuel stops.

The mounting bracket was the same – the pillion seat mount – and it was fitted in seconds: just bolt it on and bend it

I would love to say that it did exactly what it said on the side of the packet, but that said something like “bolt the drilled end of the universal bracket to your Chopper Pot muffler, fit that to the header and, having offered it up to your footrest hanger, mark where you need the mounting hole to be, drill it and fasten everything up tight.”

Can’t recommend it highly enough, and it has probably saved more money in paint repairs on two long trips than the Chopper Pot cost in the first place …

Bit of Bent Metal: free, with a Muffler // original reviews in AmV65, Dec ‘13/Jan ‘14

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