Returning to the new “Normal”

Andy H Harley-Davidson 1 Comment

Well, nearly: we’ve picked up a Harley-Davidson XL883 Iron. Partly because we’ve not ridden one for a while, but also there is much talk about using social distancing to encourage people onto two wheels, and this is the entry level Sportster.

We would have gone for a Street Rod – £2k cheaper – but there isn’t one on the press fleet. There isn’t a Street either – even cheaper – which is good news because there hasn’t been any changes since the last one of those that we rode in August 2016. There isn’t much difference since the 2015 relaunch of the 883 Street either, but I always enjoy throwing my leg over a Sportster: it might be small in Harley terms, but it’s still nearly a 900cc and nimble with it.

And I say small, but it dwarfs my Low Rider, which regular readers will know is the size by which all motorcycles should be measured – just as Wales is used to measure the size of countries.

More in American-V issue 102, which is being beaten into shape as we speak!

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