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Apologies for having lost the original video here: the privacy settings changed, so we can only share the edited highlights with you.

You will all have heard it, over and over again: American bikes are slow, don’t handle and baggers are the worst of the lot.

Granted, these have been on a crash diet and have been breathed on, but the fundamentals of these two-wheeled grand tourers are remarkably similar to the bikes you can buy over the counter.

After the inaugural round of King of the Baggers at Laguna Seca, Harley-Davidson has invested heavily in the series, and the tuning of their over-the-counter long-stroke air-cooled 131-inch Screamin’ Eagle version of the OHV Milwaukee Eight plus a lot of track time has made the top Road Glides more competitive against the S&S-tuned short-stroke, liquid-cooled 108-inch OHC PowerPlus in Indian’s Challenger. It’s fascinating to see how close these two models with such different technologies really are, but don’t under-estimate the contributions made by the riders and the technical teams behind them, particularly at the front of the pack.

Hmmm, Boz is testing a Challenger as I write and I’ve got the CVO Ultra Limited, and there are a few circuits between Cheshire and Kent … but I’m not going to embarrass myself by attempting to keep up with him on the road, never mind on a closed track 😎

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