Proposed new standard unit of measurement: an FXS LowRider.

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Clearing up round the workshop, I was reminded that I’d compared Harley’s new LowRider to the original model when we tested it a few issues ago.
Having spent a couple of thousand miles in the Chief Vintage’s saddle since I last sat on my Shovel, I severely reprimanded myself, settled back into my favourite seat and couldn’t believe how bloody small it felt. Heavy, yes, but low and compact with all its weight concentrated low and central. Hmmm.
Worth pushing them both out for a quick snap? Was I up to pushing them both in and out of the workshop: neither are mopeds and that camber is fierce!
Yeah, of course it was.
Yes, I know the Chief is big – all contemporary American bikes are significantly bigger than the models they’re based on, as the original Low Rider versus Low Rider shot demonstrated, and parking a Road King next to a 4-speed FL is a sobering experience – but having not had chance to part a new Chief next to a Springfield original, this was my best chance.
And, in terms of the new standard unit of measurement?
The Chief feels like one and three-quarter FXS Low Riders!
The new FXDL Low Rider felt like one and a quarter.
And I’m putting the FXS back on the road with some urgency, because I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed it.

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