Spirit of 1901 #6


In 2016 we partnered with Indian Motorcycle to produce a magazine that dealt exclusively with America’s oldest surviving motorcycle brand: all Indian, all the time.

Smaller than A4 – a happy compromise between ungainly and too small – it was delivered to new Indian motorcycle owners and was available to buy online, but ultimately fell foul of an interpretation of enhanced GDPR regulations – the ones that mean everyone who is going to measure and monitor your browsing habits needs to inform you of the fact and seek your permission – and only ran to seven editions.

The Scout Bobber is front and centre in Spirit issue 6: riding it, checking out how dealers announced it and talking to Rich Christoph, the designer behind its clean lines and purposeful stance. We also put staged Thunder Stroke Chiefs through their paces and revisit the Kings Mountain, Power Plus Chiefs that heralded the previous incarnation of the marque.

In this issue ...

  • COVER STORY: Scout Bobber launch, Indian’s most customisable motorcycle
  • Bobber launch dealer scrapbook
  • Insights: we talk to Indian’s Senior Industrial Designer, Rich Christoff
  • Learner Lore: so you want to learn to ride on an Indian Scout? Annmarie did!
  • A leaf out of the old book: taking the Scout back to the early twenties
  • Staging the Thunderstroke
  • Heritage: Powerplus 100
  • Gratuitous Gallery: a stunning flathead that isn’t what it seems.

plus news, new products, reviews and an updated new model buying guide