Spirit of 1901 #5 Summer 2017


In 2016 we partnered with Indian Motorcycle to produce a magazine that dealt exclusively with America’s oldest surviving motorcycle brand: all Indian, all the time.

Smaller than A4 – a happy compromise between ungainly and too small – it was delivered to new Indian motorcycle owners and was available to buy online, but ultimately fell foul of an interpretation of enhanced GDPR regulations – the ones that mean everyone who is going to measure and monitor your browsing habits needs to inform you of the fact and seek your permission – and only ran to seven editions.

Issue 5 celebrated Indian’s glorious return to the oval track for the inaugural season of a new flat track series, covered the ride to Wheel and Waves and back on the Chieftain Limited – 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours each way – and drooled over a race-inspired custom flathead Chief.

In this issue ...

  • COVER STORY: Indian Motorcycle takes the inaugural 2017 America FlatTrack series (includes interview with Gary Gray)
  • Reviews: RSD Clash jacket and Diesel gloves in Tobacco
  • Gear Change: Indian/Rokker Kevlar jeans,
  • 2018 Indian Range
  • Chieftain Limited tested on the road to Biarritz
  • Wheels&Waves, Biarritz … with a Chieftain Limited
  • Chief Racer. Part classic, part custom: all Indian
  • Another Munro on the salt at Bonneville
  • Bolt On and Ride Indian: Custom Chrome embrace the Scout
  • Dirtquake 2017
  • All Indian Rally
  • Gratuitous Gallery: the Bentley connection.

plus news, new products, reviews and an updated new model buying guide