Spirit of 1901 #1: Summer 2016


In 2016 we partnered with Indian Motorcycle to produce a magazine that dealt exclusively with America’s oldest surviving motorcycle brand: all Indian, all the time.

Smaller than A4 – a happy compromise between ungainly and too small – it was delivered to new Indian motorcycle owners and was available to buy online, but ultimately fell foul of an interpretation of enhanced GDPR regulations – the ones that mean everyone who is going to measure and monitor your browsing habits needs to inform you of the fact and seek your permission – and only ran to seven editions.

This is the launch issue, and gives an Indian-centric view of the motorcycle world. And without compromising our professional objectivity I’ve got to say that we did a decent job of it. In fact, GDPR-aside – followed by the Covid fiasco– we were making plans to pitch Harley-Davidson with a “Spirit of Milwaukee” to run alongside it, and one of the ideas for the future of American-V included running those two titles within American-V’s covers, although they were quickly dismissed as unworkable.

In this issue ...

  • Springfield launch
  • Indian Motorcycle’s Summer 2016 clothing collection
  • The launch of the Scout Sixty in Spain
  • Liam Diamond’s classic 101 Scout
  • Frontier 111 – Azzkikr’s custom interpretation of the new Springfield
  • IMRG Launch party at Faaker See 2015
  • Recreating the Chief 1: the development of the Thunder Stroke 111
  • American Roadtrip: putting the new Chief through its paces in 2013: Sturgis to Denver
  • Super Hooligan Scouts in Vegas
  • Indian Riders’ Club International at Prescott 2015

plus news, new products, reviews and a new model buying guide