On Any Sinday T-Shirt: 3XL


Our new, popular subs offer t-shirt – a Rich King original – is now available direct!

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Beautifully printed on a super-comfortable, soft and yet still hardwearing t-shirt, the inspiration for the new t-shirt came from a photoshoot with a group of Shovelhead owners who were informally known as the Sinday riders. We spoke to Rich King about doing some caricatures of a diverse bunch of riders and bikes and pulled out these three. We may yet go back and revisit some of the others, but it will always play on our definition of Sinday: “A day well-spent riding motorcycles when there are ‘more important’ things that you should be doing”

We have decent numbers of these remaining – having changed the subs offer and then been hit by the Covid situation – but still finite and the intention is for it to be a limited edition so we don’t anticipate reprinting it in this form.