American-V 097


Yes, that is a Scout on stilts on the cover, except it really isn’t any more than a Buell was a Sportster in a tracksuit. Welcome to a new face of American motorcycles.

For the better?

Yes, of course it is: diversity is good for business providing it is done properly, and Indian deserve to have a winner on their hands here, even if it does lack the traditional heartbeat of a classic American v-twin. So did a Twin Cam to those brought up on Shovels, and I daresay a Shovel did to those who loved Knuckles.

To counter that, we’ve got our first full test on the Heritage Classic since its launch, and the masters of modern Harley customising have put their stamp on a stunning Pan that I want to own more than I can put into words … or that my bank manager would put at my disposal.

Add a stunning KHK survivor, a Softail-style single-cam big twin custom that has never seen the inside of a Motor Company factory, and Boz’s stunning experience with S&S’ 50-state, emission-compliant Superstreet, and you’ve got American-V 97!

In this issue ...

NEWS: Noise Cameras // Lego FLFB Fat Boy // IMRG to celebrate 100 year of the Scout // The End cancer appeal // S&S FTR Hooligans

REVIEWS: Sena Savage Smart Helmet REVISITED: Strong-Arm Lift

ROADTESTS: 2019 Indian FTR1200 // 2019 Harley-Davidson FLHC-S 114-inch Heritage Classic

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike Panhead // Snob’s Dark Knight

TECH: Stealth Power on the Quiet: Boz fits S&S’ 50-State legal Superstreet to a 107-inch Sport Glide with impressive results.

HERITAGE: 1956 KHK survivor

EVENTS: Wallace // Alba Open Weekend // Rock n Bike Fest // Blues Bikefest // Riders’ Club International and 70th Anniversary at Kelso // Black Deer Festival // V-Twin Summer Party // Limeyfest // Independence Day (night) at Krazy Horse

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2019 Breakout Cameo

LAST WORD: Buell Remembered Thrills