American-V 096


We’re going Sportster crazy this issue, with the Forty Eight Special cheering up fans of small tanks, high bars and incorrigible fun, and the fourth Big One for those who have come down with the Sportster Sickness contagion.

But we’re not stopping there, celebrating 25 years of the Road King off the back of a first year Duo Glide, some custom Softails – old and new – and the next stage in Boz’s tuning of the new Milwaukee Eight, this time kicking a 107-inch Street Glide out to 117!

And generally getting back into our stride after an awkward year.

In this issue ...

NEWS: Battle of the Kings UK Finalists // Indian Finance // American-V Independence Day // Black Deer Festival // Livewire Pre-Orders // World of Stupid III: your 40 year old import might not be MOT exempt

REVIEWS: Icon Truant Boots REVISITED: H-D Cool Black T-shirt // Indian Benjamin Jacket

ROADTESTS: 2019 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special

CUSTOMS: Rick’s Fat Ass Slim // Gaz’s Fat Train // Thunderbike’s Black Apple

TECH: Boz takes a 107-inch Milwaukee Eight out to 117!

HERITAGE: 1958 Duo // 25 years of the Road King // Harley-Davidson Used Approved

EVENTS: Sportster Sickness’ Big One / 4 // The Drovers’ Rally

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2019 Low Rider Cameo