American-V 091


Where have we been all summer? Where haven’t we been! Okay, so we haven’t been to the US or the Moon, and have spent rather more time poring over legal documents than we would have liked, setting up a new company to take American-V forward, but between those times we’ve ridden to Biarritz on the new Fat Boy, round Croatia on the new Sportster 1200 Iron and Forty-Eight Special, to Prague on the Fat Boy and back on an Ultra Limited via all the major catalogue companies.

And once I’ve finished writing this, I’m packing for the FXDR launch in Greece! We’ve also taken out the Indian Springfield Dark Horse, Harley’s CVO Street Glide, tested the Sport Glide more fully than you can ever do on a launch.

All we’ve got to go is work out the best order to put them all in because they won’t all fit in one!

So, Prague and Biarritz are both in the next one, but we’ve got the new Sportster’s launch, the Springfield Dark Horse, CVO Street Glide, a look at the future as Harley sees it, Sportster Sickness’ Big One at Silverstone, some big bikes on the dirt at home and abroad, a stunning Ironhead Sportster and a no less impressive Buell S1 White Lightning as the other side of the 4-cam coin, plus news, reviews and all sorts of other stuff.

Can I have a lie down now, please? Okay, once I’ve finished unpacking.

In this issue ...

LAUNCH: 2018.5 Harley-Davidson XL1200 Iron and XL1200XS Forty-Eight Special

ROADTEST: 2018 Indian Springfield Dark Horse // 2018 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide

CUSTOMS: Ben Ott’s Ironhead // Dave Peever’s S1 Lightning // Steve Jones’ Dressed for dancin’ FLH Shovelhead

EVENTS: ExCeL, Sportster Sickness Big One III // MCN Festival

GENERAL: Sliding in Croatia // Harley-Davidson Future Shock