American-V 089


It’s snowing outside but there’s hot coffee in here with a little something extra for additional flavour, plus the new issue of American-V which is a riot of colour from the events of 2016 – on those weekends when it didn’t rain, and even one or two when it did.

It was wet enough to make sure we went to Cannes to put Indian’s Scout Bobber through it’s paces, but we still made the most of it, even it that meant aquaplaning on soaked motorways on three wheels.

We also look at a couple of bolt-on Slims, an Exile from the Californian factory, a Big Dog chopper that has delivered its owner from torpor and a Pan Shovel that isn’t what it seems.

In this issue ...

LAUNCH: 2018 Indian Scout Bobber

LONG TERM: Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

CUSTOMS: Malc’s Big Dog Chopper // CCE Softail Slim // Chester Harley-Davidson Softail Slim // Ron’s Pan Shovel // Exile Fat Bloke

EVENTS: The Trip Out // Shipley // Manchester Rock & Bike Fest // Copdock // Brightona // Faaker See Ride-In Show // Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride