American-V 105-107


Yes, it was a long time coming, and sorting out the shop was no less involving than finishing the magazine itself off, with no fewer hurdles, all of which we have hopefully cleared now! 

We have limited stocks of these unless we can pull some back from wholesale, so if you can pick it up from WH Smiths – follow this link for the list of stores that are carrying it – these will go further, but whatever works for you.

We cover 2nd class postage on current issues, but if you’re in a desperate hurry we will send it first class at a below cost postal price of just £1.

Yes, three issues in one, one after the other for the ease of those who got 105 and 106 on digital as they came out: they can just go straight onto p168 … after the news and new product pages. But then, it was always laid out for paper and is more accessible in its original form so you’ll see things that you’ll never spot in the digital edition … and that is speaking as a former digital evangelist.

So what’s in it?

What isn’t in it!

All the news you missed from 2021 as well as the new stuff: it is crammed full of stuff you wanted to know, and I daresay some stuff that you didn’t, but that’s the new diversity of American motorcycles for you!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy it all! We’re just glad to be passing it across to you!

In this issue ...

NEWS: Buell returns // Indian Chieftain Elite // Harley-Davidson patents a trick blower // US/EU Trade War // Livewire spun off into its own company // Harley announces Icon Collection // Indian announce Chief custom programme // Harley-Davidson 2022 // Sportster S // Indian Scout Rogue // Indian Pursuit Tourer // Harley Adventure Centre // Highway Code Changes // MCI and MAG work together on green issues.

NEW MODEL NEWS: Harley-Davidson 2021 // Road-Focused Indian FTR // Indian’s steel-framed Chief and first look in the metal // Harley-Davidson Pan America

ROADTESTS: 2021 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty // 2021 Harley-Davidson Livewire at length // 2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard // 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse // Arch KRGT-1 // 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse // 2021 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited // 2021 Indian Roadmaster Limited // Indian Challenger Limited // 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America

CUSTOMS: Dr Andy’s facelift Fat Boy // Jake’s eBay Bitsa // Wendy’s Night Train // Rusty’s one-off Sportster // Penz hard-riding chopper

HERITAGE: Wheels Through Time Museum

TECH: Vegas Stripper moves forward slightly // The tech behind Livewire // Interviewing Indian’s Ola Stenegård

EVENTS: Tyne and Wear 81 2021 North East Custom Show // 2021 Shovelfest // Tiddly Bike Nights // 2021 Trip Out

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2022 additions and removals

LAST WORD(S): Livewire 2015 // Flat track tribute act // a little self-indulgence