American-V 100


Part navel-gazing, part celebrating the last fifteen years of American motorcycles, we look back at a hundred editions of American-V and spin it from a modern context.

There’s favourite customs and classics, most influential new models and most missed departures – all of which is really barely skimming the surface: we could have done an issue dedicated to the classics, one to customs, one to roadtrips, etc, but that didn’t seem to be good value … until we saw how this hung together.

Bright, lively, diverse and though-provoking, shows that there’s much much more to American motorcycles than an 883 Sportster and a heavyweight tourer, which is where their critics’ imaginations run out of … well, imagination, I guess?

And then we test a sportster and a heavyweight tourer – hahaha – although ‘sportster’ (with a small ‘s’) refers to the big S at the end of Harley’s newest Low Rider, and the tourer is no Geezer-Glide, but a tarmac-rippling 116-inch bagger!

In this issue ...

NEWS: Harley announce the 131-inch Screamin’ Eagle motor // 2020 Flat Track new

ROADTESTS: 2020 Harley-Davidson FXLRS 114-inch Low Rider S // 2020 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike’s Gran Turismo

CLASSIC: Electric Meter Maid: the last of the Servicars

TECH: 2-Litre Milwaukee Eight part 2

100 ISSUE ANNIVERSARY: Five favourite customs, five favourite classics, five most influential new models, five most missed models, five game-changing technologies, GBBBO revisited, three favourite roadtrips

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2020 additions and removals, and a quick preview of the new Pan America

LAST WORD: Second-guessing the next 10 issues