American-V 102-104


The first triple issue, and one that we massively underestimated the demand for, which is a bloody shame cos it was a doozy: absolutely packed with great stuff and I know where there is one copy … my own!

Maybe there will be a black market for it in time – maybe there will be a demand to crowdsource a reprint – but for now, it’s available in digital only form: click here for more details

Of course, as digital issues have been less affected by the lockdown, those with issues 102 and 103 in digital form already will get a quite normal sense of deja vu, and it’s not as though you can just ignore the first two thirds of the magazine: sorry about that. We have kept all three contents pages, though … only the numbers have been changed to protect your sanity. And mine.

For those who will be seeing this for the first time, you’ve got a lot of reading material heading your way from roadtests on the 2020 Street Glide and 883 Iron, to the longest of long term loans with our Chief Vintage, custom builds, staff bikes, tech builds, revisiting events – we had meant to include those with the 100th issue but thankfully didn’t so we can remind ourselves what a crowded bar looks like – and all manner of stuff.

Yes, I sound vague: I’ve just had to juggle 300+ pages of magazine and it’s all still a blur.

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In this issue ...

NEWS: Battle of the Kings 2020 // Government bring green transport date forward // Harley-Davidson Serial1 electric bicycle // Made in Thailand // Indian connect to Zero // Harley considers AFT Factory team’s future // Euro5 // Harley-Davidson can the Bronx // Indian 2021 // New air-cooled H-D OHV motor  // New Sturgis? // Levitich steps down // Sportster S // Screamin’ Eagle Stage 4 for M8 FLs // Indian Carbon FTR // Long Way Up.

ROADTESTS: Long Term Indian Vintage parts 1,2 & 3 // 2020 Harley-Davidson 883N Iron // Dyna Low Rider S revisited // 2021 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special

CUSTOMS: Slipknot Trash Bagger // V8 Boss Bomber // Thunderbike’s 35th // Dan’s 120ST Bagger // Cult Werk Ferrari // Debagged FL Bobber //  The Last Walz // Monty’s Pan // His and hers V-Twins

HERITAGE: Staff Bikes: 1978 Low Rider // 30 Years a Fat Boy // Indian’s Flat Track Heritage

TECH: Vegas Stripper returns // Jeckill & Hyde’s ‘Club’ Exhaust // Speed Awareness // King of the Baggers racing / Power Torques // Insurance 101

EVENTS: 81 Liverpool Ride-In Show // Talgarth, Bulldog Bash, Bike Shed and The Trip Out Revisited // Limeyfest // 81 Poker Run

NEW BIKE BUYERS’ GUIDE: 2022 additions and removals

LAST WORD(S): Willie G vs Billy F // Classic Jap Clones // … just because