American-V 095


On Any Sinday! Sinday?

[sɪn-dey] noun
A day well spent riding motorcycles when there are ‘more important’ things that you should be doing.

Forget the spring cleaning, put that paint scraper down and defer servicing the lawnmower: the sun’s out so stick an extra pair of thermals under your kevlar jears, and make sure the liner is in your jacket and get out there.

This issue we’ve done just that, making the most of some late February winter sun; and we’ve had a good play on the new 114-inch version of the Road King Special, revisited the 107-inch Ultra – now superseded – that we rode back from Prague, gasped at the power and torque that Boz is pulling out of a Milwaukee Eight Sport Glide and taken a look at what Vincent Pels has done to make his new Fat Bob better suit his traditional aesthetics. And we’ve taken a magical history tour down the Middle Rhine with the locals.

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In this issue ...

NEWS: FLHT Returns // RIP Arlen Ness // Indian FTR takes Daytona with new team rider // Icon 1000 Jacket Comp winner // Electric Coulomb

ROADTESTS: 2019 Harley-Davidson 114 Road King Special // 2018 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

CUSTOMS: Vincent Pels’ Softail Fat Bob // On Any Sunday: Blackie’s Shovel, Gaz’s Shovel, Scott’s Shovel, Guy’s Shovel and Malc’s Dyna // Louis’ Chief Sprinter

TECH: Boz slots a choice of cams into the Milwaukee Eight 107-inch Sport Glide!

PROFILE: RSD apparel.

TOURING: Magical History Tour in Germany’s Middle Rhine Gorge



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