American-V 081


They say variety is the spice of life – I always thought it was pepper, myself – and we’ve excelled ourselves this issue with the water-cooled Harley-Davidson Street, Indian’s new Springfield, a big buck custom build inspired by a Lamborghini and a Polaris Slingshot, which is neither powered by a V or a motorbike … well, not in this country.

And we drop in on 1942, feel the ground shake as Dirt Quake, sit in a shed with the unlikeliest couple of touring bikes and generally get into our default summer mode.

In this issue ...

ROADTESTED: Harley-Davidson Street XG750 // Indian Springfield // Polaris Slingshot

CUSTOMS: Thunderbike’s Outerlimit // SpAnna’s Sick Bitch // Digger & Rizz’s Shovels

CLASSICS: 1942: Indian 442 and Harley-Davidson WLA

EVENTS: HDRCGB’s Vintage & Sportster // Region 29 at the Tiddly // No Bull Rally // Dirtquake V // Victory and Indian Day at the Ace Cafe

TECH: RAI Parts Belt Optimiser // Retro-fitting an electric leg

REVIEWED: Deemeed Discovery, Ventz, ‘Harley-Davidson: The Complete History’ and ‘Indian, America’s First Motorcycle Company’