Ain’t No Substitute For Cubes T-Shirt: Large


Our original and popular subs offer t-shirt is now available direct!

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Beautifully printed on a super-comfortable, soft and yet still hardwearing t-shirt, this distressed effect print is showing its age with its depictions of Harley-Davidson’s TwinCam Breakout, a Victory Hammer and the original Indian Chief Dark Horse but since when have riders of American motorcycles been slaves to current models?

We have very limited numbers of these remaining – by rights we should have none, but we overprinted to make good the shortfall when we changed publishers some years ago, giving new subscribers the choice between the original and a new and unseen alternative – which is also available.

If there is sufficient demand, we will reprint but this was always intended to be a ‘limited edition’ and we would rather update with other models – and maybe not distressed next time.