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Okay, so it’s a niche product, but there will be some ULs kicking around – the 45’s big brother – and while the brakes would probably benefit from a bit of attention first, there’s no harm in adding a few ponies to its stable. These cast aluminium ULR cylinder heads from Finland are purported to do just that, offering 18% more power and 13% more torque – with a nice curve – at the rear wheel over a stock 46UL with medium compression heads.

They look conventional enough from the outside but they have an advanced combustion chamber design for a bigger bang and improved breathing, and a heady 6.1:1 compression ratio on a 74-inch motor climbing to 6.5:1 on the 74!

And there is potentially more to be had, as there is more material in the heads, allowing for custom milling, and support for pop-up pistons, as well as an update to a long reach 14mm spark plug.

W&W 62401 VTCycle ULR Cylinder Heads €827.94

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