“On Any Sinday” T-Shirts

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Yes, it’s true! The t-shirts we advertise as being worth £20 if you take out a 2 year subscription are now available for sale!

For £20.00 plus £1.32 p&p in fact.

This is our new design, created by the immensely talented Rich King, which we are hoping will be just the first in a series, subject to demand.

Yes, we did used to say £15 – a glib throwaway number dreamed up by a previous publisher – but then we priced them up and we improved the quality in line with a known brand and the recommendations of a trusted printer and they are now £20, and worth every penny.

Of course, the best deal for UK readers is to take out a 2 year subscription – the magazine at the old cover price and a free £20 t-shirt for just £49.99 – because we want to convert as many readers to subscribers as possible and are blatantly bribing incentivising readers to make the switch.

Watch this space for overseas pricing, as soon as we’ve had time to work that out.

American-V “On Any Sinday” T-Shirts @ £20.00 +P&P

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