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Apologies for the radio silence: lots going on hereabouts and who knew what would be involved in putting together the 306pp three-issues-in-one American-V 104?

Certainly not me! And yes, that is even though two-thirds of the issue had already been published in our lockdown digital editions! I did a dumb thing and planned it as a single issue to make it hang together better: discuss.

The courier is due with office copies – as are those taking copies to WHSmiths and the subs fulfillment house – and as soon as they land, I’ll post a pic so you can see what a 300-page American-V looks like. Can’t believe how excited I am at the prospect, but that’s perhaps because I’m finally properly awake again properly after the deadline from hell!

In the meantime, cop for this: the last shoot of AmV104 with a cheeky glimpse of the first feature of AmV105: Tot and Donna’s bikes joined by the Scout Bobber Twenty that will be road-tested next issue. All tucked up out of the weather at GB Motorcycles, part way through its refurb.

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  1. Apologies if this has been discussed before. Why have the digital issues stopped working ? From issue 102 onwards my active subscription does not work and I need to buy them again to view each issue. My subscription is active until Apr 2021. Contacted Pocketmags and iTunes but only told to wait. It’s now been months and the last issue I can read is #101.
    Love the magazine and have been buying since Issue 1. Switched to digital versions several years ago and up until now never had any problems with iPad editions.

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      Apologies Colin,

      I should have sorted this out a while ago but was bogged down in critical business when it landed and ever since … and tbh, these things usually clear up by themselves … like my bloody broadband last night.

      I’m aware of an issue from over a year ago when PocketMags stopped supporting separate apps per magazine and required everyone to go in through the main pocketmags site: is there a chance that this has resurfaced on another platform? I think it was Android initially, but it was a while ago.

      There is no good reason why it should have stopped worki9ng that I am aware of: I’m still writing the synopsis that accompanies each issue for the digital newsstands.

      Can you confirm that you are going in using the PocketMags app, rather than the American-V one? I’m assuming it’s safe to say you’re on Apple, as you’re using iTunes.



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