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I’ll confess that I’m out of my depth here, having bought into the idea that a compensating sprocket is a good idea on a belt drive, to smooth out the motor and reduce wear on key components, but someone must have thought it was a good idea – and lots of people run compensator-less belts, so here goes nothing.

This replaces the diaphragm-style compensator on the end of your crank in a high performance Twin Cam motor, “eliminating the issues of disintegrating stock or Screamin’ Eagle compensating sprockets”.

They are half the weight of a compensator, reducing the rotating mass, which must surely increase the willingness to rev, as it will effectively be reducing the weight of the flywheel assembly, which will have factored that weight in.

And they come in a stock 34-tooth configuration as well as a 32-tooth which will reduce the primary gearing for a faster take-off – said to be 6% – at the expense of leisurely cruising speeds, and a top end that you’re not going to see with a capped ECM anyway. The 32-tooth one comes with a special tensioner shoe that allows the use of the stock primary chain.

They are made out of heat-treated, high strength steel with a black oxide coating and fit all Mk2 Twin Cams – 2006-on Dyna, 2007-on everything else.

Zodiac 191200   Compensating sprocket for Twin Cam, stock 34 tooth
Zodiac 191202   Compensating sprocket for Twin Cam, 32 tooth with special chain tensioner shoe

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