Nice day for a ride

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Taking the new Indian Chieftain back today – having woken up with sunshine on the curtains and the opportunity to get some photographs – but it’s going to be a ‘screen up’ day, and I think I’ll leave the three level throttle sensitivity in ‘Touring’.

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    Timing is everything, Dave: fields were wet but the roads were pretty dry, and I kept a good distance from any vehicles in front 🙂

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    More a case of digging out some old favourites this time, Roy.

    Victory Stealth jacket under a Hot Leathers Vest over a t-shirt and technical t-shirt, and John Doe cargo pants over a pair of Amanda’s cast off Merino wool leggings, Rokker boots and testing an Indian classic Jet helmet.

    Pleased to say that the Leather close outs on the crash bars made a difference, and the fairing worked well 🙂

  3. “Cast off Merino wool leggings”???
    You make them sound like they are moth-chewed worn out rags!
    They are new ones that i can’t wear because of my chub-rub fat legs … 🙂

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