Moving with the times?

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Fell in love with Icon’s Airflite helmet when I saw one in their handfinished Quicksilver colour at The Bike Shed recently, and christening it today, I like it more.

And putting it on and seeing what it looked like in the mirror, I worked out why I like the style.

It’s a few evolutions beyond the helmet being worn by the rider of the then-new FXS Low Rider in the 1978 catalogue, but can’t remember having seen a better looking full face and am enjoying the anonymity it gives me 🙂

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      Not tried one on yet, Dapper: I originally grew a beard to hide my lantern jaw and am not about to hide that with a two inch deep chin-piece 🙂 although I’ve been promising to nip over to Birkenhead and see David, and this might be as good a time as any to do so.

      Not worn a non-flip full-face helmet in years – since my Arai DualSport started to get tatty inside – cos I’m not a fan of the restricted vision of everything I tried, but this (and, apparently, Davida’s Koura) have got a good and wide field of vision. And the Icon doesn’t interfere with my ability to see the tank top speedo on the Fat Boy without moving my head: I got a speeding ticket on a 1991 Sturgis in 1991 because I couldn’t. Can’t remember if that was the Arai or a Shoei flip.

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