Metzeler Orange Walls

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Somebody, at some point, appears to have whispered into a German tyre developer’s ear that Harley-Davidsons have tyres with orange side-walls, because apparently these have been designed to have a distinctive Harley look!

When I saw the title, I conjured up ideas of laid-up forgotten classics and the colour that whitewalls eventually do go, but then I opened the pictures and … err, well at least it will match the pinstripes on a Sturgis’ wheels, and the tank badge on the Dyna model … if a Sturgis would look right in white … orange wall tyres, and that is a stretch.

Still, each to their own. I felt conspicuous with the protective blue sheen.

On the positive side, these tyres are available in both sizes – 100/90×190 front and 150/80B16 rear – and they’re based on the Metzeler’s highly regarded, high mileage ME888 Marathon.

Metzeler ME888 Marathon Orange Wall Tyres
Zod 737171 100/90×19 MC 57H front tyre £213.72
Zod 737172 150/80B16 MC 77H rear tyre £307.18

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