Metzeler Cruisetec Tyres

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We’ve long known that Dunlops have been well suited to heavyweight American bikes because of the strength of the tyre’s carcass, but now tyre manufacturers have cottoned on that it’s not enough to recommend a few extra PSI, and are targeting the sector.

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Metzeler Cruisetec is the latest arrival, claiming to enhance your motorcycles’ handling thanks to the combination of legendary Metzeler sport touring derived profiles mated to a muscular carcass, featuring “performance-oriented solutions and strong structural support features”.

In tyre-speak: “The combination of a sturdy tread pattern and constant-curvature contours with dual compound rear tires ensures even wear and enhanced contact patch. Sport-touring like tyre profiles ensure even wear and incredible stability in both straight line riding and side-to-side transitions, even with a passenger and give the rider effortless steering with a solid feeling up front no matter the pace.

“The Metzeler Cruisetec is designed to match or slightly exceed the mileage of OE V-Twin tyres while providing the rider with unmatched riding performance and comfort. Softer shoulder compounds on the dual compound rear tyres enhance confidence when pushing the limits. Internally, stiffer cords allow more room for thicker rubber, which offers enhanced damping properties.

“The result is a reduction in the ‘floating feeling’ felt when exiting turns under hard accelerations and nearly eliminates ‘groove wander’ when riding on ran grooves or other rough conditions. High silica compounds paired with a forgiving carcass structure and water shedding tread pattern deliver outstanding confidence during inclement weather.

“Designed with the future in mind, Cruisetec’s linear contact patch response works with all generations of rider aids such as ABS and traction control.

In English: it’s a tyre with a strong sidewall suited to a heavyweight, the dual-compound rear tyres have good grip in corners thanks to softer compounds at the shoulders but good mileage because the compound is harder in the centre, and the tread pattern will channel surface water away efficiently to give the compound chance to get a grip. Everything else is a given … actually, so is most of that.

In real world terms: if you like Metzeler’s compounds – and plenty do – you can now buy a pair that have been designed for an American heavyweight.

Metzeler Cruisetec Tyres

16″ Rear

737169 MT90-B16 74H Tubeless £tbc
737170 MU85-B16 77H Tubeless £285.04
737156 130/90-B16 73H Tubeless £242.51
737157 150/80-B16 77H Tubeless £248.86
737158 180/60-R16 80H Tubeless £ tbc
737159 180/65-B16 81H Tubeless £288.21
737160 180/70-B16 77H Tubeless £302.18
737161 200/55-R16 77H Tubeless £ tbc
17″ Rear
737162 160/70-B17 79V Tubeless £260.28
737163 200/55-R17 78V Tubeless £330.74
18″ Rear
737164 150/70-B18 76H Tubeless £tbc
737165 180/55-B18 80H Tubeless £321.23
737166 180/55-ZR18 74W Tubeless £tbc
737167 240/40-VR18 79V Tubeless £354.86
737168 260/40-VR18 84V Tubeless £375.18
16″ Front
737154 MT90-B16 72H Tubeless £ tbc
737145 130/90-B16 73H Tubeless £242.15
737146 150/80-16 71H Tubeless £234.25
737147 130/80-B17 65H Tubeless £178.37
18″ Front
737148 100/90-19 57H Tubeless £172.66
19″ Front
737149 100/90-19 57H Tubeless £172.66
737150 110/90-19 62H Tubeless £186.64
737151 120/70-ZR19 60W Tubeless £277.41
737152 130/60-B19 61H Tubeless £ tbc
21″ Front
737155 MH90-21 54H Tubeless £ tbc
737153 120/70-B21 68H Tubeless £284.41

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