Lockdown Britain on an Indian Chief Vintage

Andy H Harley-Davidson 2 Comments

What’s happening out there in the big wide world?

If the post run last Wednesday was anything to go by, it’s a bigger, wider and significantly emptier world, and as part of learning how a better video editing package works – albeit hobbled by a conventional broadband connection – I thought I’d show you rather than tell you.

You’ll be pleased to learn that I didn’t bother with dual carriageways but stuck with cross-country roads that were barely more than lanes in places, but this is still half an hour that you’ll never get back.

And if you’re really good – and if I can get the time – there’s some exciting footage of nipping to the shops to come!

Tech used: Sena Prism Action Camera and Sena 20S Bluetooth intercom providing real-time voice over; edited using Adobe Premier Pro 2020.

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  1. I enjoyed this video, almost felt that I was on the back; nice weather, roads/views & trip similar to my rides around & about Cheshire/Wirral & out thro’ North Wales just for the fun of it – hope to do so soon(ish) when this lockdown is just history.
    Ride safe.

  2. You are right, the dulcit tones of your commentry would have been enhanced with a backing track from the Bike! Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed your flight of freedom. My Indian Challenger sits in the garage with 7 miles on it champing at the chain & ground anchor (Thatcham approved as insisted on by Insurer) and tethered to its umbilical Optimate. You live in an area of stunning beauty & I lokk forward to your next Key Worker ride. Thanks and ride safe.

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