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Yes, you’re absolutely right, we are on record as saying that we’re not giving full coverage of electric bikes no matter whose name is on the side of them, but there is some stuff that is worth getting out there, because there are numbers that I don’t recognise … and others that I don’t understand.

Headline numbers are 0-60 in 3 seconds, 140 mile range (in the city: down to 88 miles on mixed roads), and fast charge to 100%  in one hour: the first is impressive and the second two make it a more practical proposition to those who have got £30k burning a hole in their pocket.

Other stuff: not all dealers will be carrying them – those that do will have the high speed charger capability; first deliveries will be Autumn 2019 ; there will be limited availability and you are going to meet a whole new world of three letter terms starting with RPH, or Range Per Hour, referring to how far you’ll travel on an hour’s worth of recharging.

What you need to know is that the built-in domestic charger (Level 1) that plugs into a 13A socket in your garage will give you 13 miles for every hour that it is plugged in, and the fast charger will give you 192 miles per hour’s charge … or more than the actual range.

And that’s all you’re getting here. It doesn’t have large lumps of metal being moved at high speed by exploding fuel and air mixture – resulting in a glorious sound and a power characteristic that has made American motorcycles stand out for decades – so it’s outside our remit.

Yes, it is exciting. Yes, it is interesting that Harley ere at the forefront of the technology. And yes, I would ride one, but …

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