Kellermann Atto Integral Turn Signal and Stop/Tail/Turn Lights

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Having reinvented indicators over the last ten years, switching people on to the magic of tiny LED on short stems, Kellermann’s popular Atto LED lights are now also available as built-in units.

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With a lens diameter of just 8.9mm and 13mm length – 16mm for the DF – these can be installed virtually anywhere: all you need is a flat, rear facing surface and imagination.

Drawing between 1.5W to 3W won’t make a dent on your alternator’s output, it is also useful to know that they light up far quicker than a filament bulb which means you are signalling your intention to turn – and more critically that you have applied your brakes – a lot earlier, which combines with longevity and vibration resistance in explaining why I run LEDs.

A lot?

30mph is 13.5 metres per second and a filament bulb takes about 500ms to achieve brightness, compared to about 200ms for an LED: at 30mph that’s 4 metres. How long is your bike, again?

Now available at your Zodiac dealer, starting at £62.00

Atto Integral LED
Zodiac 743825 turn signal, clear lens, amber light
Zodiac 743826 turn signal, dark lens, amber light
Zodiac 743828 stop/tail light, clear lens, red light
Zodiac 743829 stop/tail light, dark lens, red light
Zodiac 743827 stop/tail/turn, clear lens, split amber and red light

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